Sadly after discovering a huge abuse of my Personal Use Contract Club I had to close it down. It's beyond me that people, even after signing a contract, can justify to themselves that it's ok to violate that contract.

A woman in Florida who had signed a PUCC contract had asked to teach one of my designs and I had told her I didn't permit that....it is in the contract!
She went ahead and scheduled a class anyway....and she told everyone to sign up for my PUCC so they wouldn't have to pay full price. I had people bypassing the contract altogether and just adding a note on an order that they wanted the PUCC discount!


I contacted her. She was not very nice.
She nastily agreed to cancel the class...."I'm certainly not going to teach the class now after all this frustration"   SHE was frustrated???
Then she actually bitched to me that she had spent money to make samples for the class.

Will she illegally teach my design? I don't know, she's in Florida and though I do have my spies out there she may get it by me.  However, these things always get back to me eventually and at that point, if she does teach my work I will release her name and e-mail....because I know a lot of people who were not thrilled to lose their discount because of her.

I hated to close it down but I was feeling so sick in my gut every time I saw the letters "PUCC" come on an order...it was a constant memory of something nasty and made me think badly and not trust people. Not something I want in my persona.  

Almost everyone has been supportive and understanding about my need to end it and I sure do appreciate that.  I tried to do something nice but once again I discovered 'no good deed goes unpunished'

Not going to let it get me down though....onward and upward :)