Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

Boy...time flies!
After a rotten bout of the flu I got behind schedule with things and have had to play catch-up for a couple of weeks.

Wonderful new things have happened....we have two new Bead Mavens, Heather Collin and Callie Mitchell who both do amazing work and I am so thrilled they joined our little group.
Callie Mitchell

Heather Collin
The Mavens will go on hiatus for a couple of months on Friday but we have something planned so you won't notice we're away and maybe won't even want is to come!  Friday will see the news of that :)

And Friday will see me launch my month long April Foolishness in my Artfire store.  I have eight new patterns ready to go and there'll be a coupon code which I'll publish here and on Facebook tomorrow evening :)
Here's one of the Arianne Twin Bangles.

I'm now writing up the patterns for the first volume, "Sand Dollars, DecaDiscs and Crab Chain" of my book entitled "Fabulous Fabrications in Seed Beads".

Here's a sneak peek of my Sand Dollar with Crab Chain.
I'm hoping to have it all ready to go by May and then it's onto the next volume....."Corrugations".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Battling Through Late Winter or Is it Spring yet?

Yep, I'm ready for Spring in that I am so sick of this winter flu that has me in it's grip!
My energy level has been so low for the last week that I'm as unproductive as football crazed couch potato during superbowl!  My over achiever little self hates being unproductive so much I start to dream deadlines that don't exist and wake up frantic with panic.
This too shall pass....right?

However....I did get a reminder that I'm not a complete Artbeads' "Winter Enchantment" gallery was just published over on Facebook.
Here you will find my 'Winter Sun' earrings and the 'Winter Sun' pendant created to match them.

These are probably the blingiest things I've ever created and whether you wear just the earrings, just the pendant or dazzle with the set they are sure going to get you noticed.
I blogged about the earrings when I made them and showed the back where I have encases the back of the rivoli.   I followed suit with the pendant and encased the back of the stone....I've taken to doing this to protect the foil back rather than coating the back with nail polish.

I'm teaching the set this month...however, we're off to a slow start as I had to cancel yesterdays class due to my illness.  I haven't been well enough to even write the tutorial for the pendant yet but the earring tutorial is available in my Artfire store.

And the disclaimer:
Artbeads provide the beads and supplies for these projects and ask only for an honest review....I am not paid for my review or links.