Sunday, August 21, 2011

The 'UGH' of it All.

Definitely a word that's in my brain and frequently pops out of my mouth thesedays as I sort through my studio for what I can throw away, give to Goodwill or pack up ready to move.

I still have a fair way to go with my studio but the bones of it are now done and I have a definite office area and a definite sitting/beading area. I am sick of moving! And I still have to get a large set of drawers out of here, move a six foot tall bookcase and a couple of 3 foot bookcases (let's not mention I'll have to do this all again when I'm ready to paint and put new carpet down). I do love my new desk and I have already discovered that the black glass top of it is cool for taking photos on.

I think Mom and I have now toured every furniture store in the area and it did have the desired effect of having Mom realise how outdated the house is....1990 Old Lady is the design term I believe.  But you can update things a LOT with the right can of spray paint, fresh colors on the walls, and the removal of all the frills and old lady knick knacks :)

Going around the furniture stores I was surprised to see how Steampunk has become a living design style and blown away that it is indeed my living design style.  I realised I had some hints of it amongst my belongings but everything I loved in the furniture shops was totally Steampunk.
So when we move I now know what my home will look like....before I seemed to only buy furniture that folded and that totally said "unsettled".

I've also decided some things I want outside my house....a paved patio with a fountain, some raised planters where I can grow some food and a swing!!!!
I want a swing....not a swinging couch....a real big kid's swing.
I love swings, they are perfect for venting....getting on and pumping your legs hard to get out all your frustrations. Or just to relax and swing gently on while can't beat a swing!
When I was nannying in Malibu the couple I worked for began to have problems and even though they were seeing an excellent therapist they did not seem to be able to stop the shouting matches in front of the kids. So whenever one of their arguments started and I knew it was going to be a doozy I would hustle the little boy and girl into the car and take them to the swings on Zuma beach.  It was always our escape.
So...I want a swing!!!!

I will be posting some before and after photos of my studio (though I forgot to take the before ones until I'd already started the destruction so they look worse than they actually were). 

And as I sit here writing this I'm eyeballing the God-awful frilled window treatment...THAT has to GO!

I have managed a bit of beading this week and I'm rather happy with it :)
I decided to work on a cab I bought from my friend Sandy Spivey last year and it was the perfect opportunity to do some of the 'fair isle' beading I've had in my mind for ages.  Knitting and crochet translates beautifully into beads and is so much fun to do :)
And these photos are, of course, taken on my new desk :)