Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Morning Latte

Yesterday saw me do one of my reward thingies, I'd been meeting and passing my goals so the fund for a new espresso system had become fully charged...YAY!

I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I do have to have mu morning latte. Times past I would stop at Starbucks at 6am before getting on the freeway to drive from Santa Monica to Disneyland for work.  It's my treasured morning ritual.
Of course, even at one a day, it's not an inexpensive one and being a frugal Yorkshire lass investing in a machine seemed like a great idea.

When my first espresso machine literally blew up, spewing parts across the kitchen, it had saved me a few thousand dollars during it's life. I actually sat down and figured that out...ok, so it was to justify buying a new one on a tight budget.   Of course that one eventually died too and it was during the dark days when I couldn't afford a new one.  So, I picked one of those non-pump ones up at Big Lots for $10 and have been making do.

In January I started saving for a new one.  When Starbucks came out with their Verissimo I was excited....and when they were going to be demoing it just down the street I was there. But all it netted me was disappointment, did not care for it at better flavor from my $10 one.
I was window shopping in Williams Sonoma when I saw the Nespresso machines and thought the Pixie was just so dang cute and neat but couldn't imagine getting a decent espresso from it.  The guy that came over to help me asked if I would like to try it...well, ok.
I was very surprised at the espresso he was good, really good.
Then he showed me the Aeroccino which I truly wasn't interested in but that blew me away too.
So now I knew what I was saving for.

When we went to Williams Sonoma yesterday while I was showing Mom
the gal came and demoed the machine for us and even Mom was impressed, not by the coffee, she's not a fan, but by how dang cute it was.
When the gal told me they had one on sale because the color was being discontinued and that color was lime green....that was it. SOLD!

It works with pods, which if you join the club aren't too expensive but frugal little me did find some refillable pods I can put my own coffee in and Amazon are shipping them out to me today :)

All well and good, you say...happy for you, you say...but gee wish I had something nice, you say.
Ok....but you have to keep it a secret, this is for people who read my blog only.
All this week Sunday, 4/21 to Saturday 4/27 when you buy one tutorial I'll let you choose another of equal or lesser value for free.
Here are the have to leave a comment on this post, and in the "notes to seller" when you order type
along with your choice of freebie :)

Just's a can tell people...."Mikki wrote a great blog post" but you can't tell them about the secret....ok? Cool!

Have fun...I'll be sipping on a latte :)


  1. I have a pixie as well and I love it. The nespresso are so well engineering and cute! I however was not lucky enough to have a lime green one!

  2. lol!!...ok! I'm still up and read!. ;) Cool about your coffee maker. For me personally...can't stand coffee!!..blah!..a hot chocolate - oh hell yes!!..

    And umm??....woohoo! on the *secret* lips are sealed...and I'm going to pop on over and take a looksee in your shop! :)
    ta Mikki...enjoy you cuppa! ;)

  3. Cool idea -- a secret sale. I love it. And your coffee maker is, indeed, pretty dang cute. I wish you many moons of lattes & espresso AND really am inspired by your saving the money and then buying it. So many people haul out the plastic when they want something. A truly dangerous path! Salud, Mikki!

  4. And it will not take up much room in that fab new toy you have in your driveway :) When the gal demoed it my Mom said "Oh, even I could do that" it's so simple to use. My orange recliner started this whole orange and lime green palette I have going on in my the lime green was a no brainer :)

  5. oh, lime green! on my way to both sites. there are some really cool things in my immediate future!

  6. I love the color of your machine. Cute! wishing you tons of sales :) oh and your a wonderful girl, for considering refillable pods. That is nature-friendly. Bravissima!

  7. Thanks. One thing I do like about the Nespresso pods...they are recyclable...I've already found my location to do that. They have used the recycled pods to make the color panels for the, huh? So, yes, I will have refillables but I'll also be recycling the other ones. I really wish we had a recycling system at the complex though...that's the one thing they need to improve on :)

  8. Ohhh that's a cutie! And in a great lime green, to boot.


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