Monday, March 26, 2012

Where Does the Time Go????

Did you ever see that video of guys attaching a motor to a kids playground roundabout?  Where the guys are holding on for dear life and it still isn't enough and one is thrown off?
Well....I feel someone has attached a motor to the world and it's spinning so fast I can't keep up.

I have been working hard on the new Pavé designs and I'm close to finishing the first tutorial which includes a bangle, bracelet with snap clasp, hair accessory and ring.

So, this one should be complete today, tomorrow at the latest and the next pavé tutorial will be what I'm calling the "HoneyCube" (though the Trekker in me thinks it looks like the Borg ship....yeah, I'm a geek)

I finally perfected the end decreases last night, though it was one of those things where I kept going off on a focus was not staying! It's versatile and I see lots of possibilities and that's makes it tough to stay on track.  A couple of pendants spring to mind...or six!

This morning my kit for Lacey's Legacy, "Beading For a Cure" arrived and I've already gone through my stash and found some ridiculously perfect cabochons to go with it.  How did I manage to have a couple of cabs with EVERY color in the kit in them??  Sometimes things are just meant to be.
It's the first time I've signed up for a kit as I typically don't even make finished jewelry these days....just lots of samples for tutorials. But I have had a couple of people express a desire to own something I made with my own two I thought this would be a great way to go about it as the finished pieces are auctioned off.

I need to review the stack of books I have and I've been reading through them so I know what I'm writing about....always goo to do that :)  So reviews are coming.  On a sad note Verenabeth never got back to me with her address, and she had such a good story....but as prizes are for people who follow my blog (and if you don't follow even to see if you won) I'm going to draw for the book from the people who answered.  Look for the winner on Wednesday :)


  1. Hi Mikki !
    Thank you for taking the time to write in your busy schedule, so good to read your posts,
    All the best

  2. Thanks Ingrid....I keep trying to catch up but it doesn't seem like that's in my!

  3. The Pave line is looking awesome Mikki...I love that little cube!

    I have been working with your Pineapple Lace this week and I am really loving it!

    Too bad for Verbenabeth...but you're absolutely right, the book should go to one of your actual readers!

  4. The PAVE pieces are beautiful. Also congrats on the Lacey Legacy kit. It's an honor to be selected for that.


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