Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blown Away!

Yes I am!
Because February sales beat January sales and January sales were record breaking!  You have no idea how this makes me means I can save to be able to buy the things I'll need when we know things like a fridge or washer and dryer...or maybe a sofa!!!!
Thanks to all my customers for making 2012 off to a brilliant start.
Yesterday I gave away, as promised, the $50 gift certificate because I met my sales goal and I gave away and extra $25 gift certificate because I beat my previous month....I like win-win things :)

And to beading....I finished the Pineapple Lace cuff though I think it would look great as a choker too so once I've written the instructions I'll test them by making a duplicate (I usually at least change colors) which can be clasped to the first one to make a choker.  You know how I am about versatility...the idea of being able to wear the lace as either a choker or pair of cuffs really appeals to me.

I did plan on starting the illustrations yesterday but someone had a different idea for how I spent my day *sigh*. So, today I'm locking my studio door and the word "no" will come out of my mouth :)

As I was too distracted to illustrate yesterday and as my new storage things were delivered I started repacking my Delicas.  Not the final reorganization but the one I'll need to safely transport everything.  As I move my Delicas from lots of little tubes and clunky square boxes to nice slim 6" flip-tops I am realizing I need to order more Delicas :)

Last night I broke down and made a special purchase, I bough one of Diana Breigleb's faces.

I plan on making some dolls and making my own faces but that can't happen until I'm moved and settled with my clay supplies unpacked.  But I was tempted by Diana's lovely faces....known as "The Face".  This one makes me think of Da Vinci's ladies and is destined to end up as a Renaissance lady.
Of course, doll making and bead embroidery need to be in the hobby section of my life for now which means I have to squeeze them in on the weekends....when I'm not using the weekends to play  catch-up.

I did receive a wonderful surprise a couple of days ago, Lark Books had contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing their latest bead books...heck, yeah!
So I got my first one...eek! Can I say it's a little scary to be reviewing a book by one of beading's greats, the amazing Diane Fitzgerald.  My immediate thought was "who am I to be saying anything about the Grand Dame?"
But I will, because the people at Lark asked me to (eek), so watch for my review of Diane Fitzgerald's "Favorite Beading Projects" in the next week.

So far 2012 is looking like a really good year, hope yours is too :)


  1. Hi Mikki,
    You're creative, generous and fun, you deserve success in your business so you can relax and be even more creative generous and funny !
    All the best,

  2. Glad that your year is starting so well, and congrats on reviewing books for Lark! Your work is amazing and inspires us all.

  3. HI:
    I see,lots of creative plans for the coming year.I bet,You'll manage to do all,which You've planned.
    The lace cuff is very beautiful and elegant.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  4. Congratulations! Great way to start the year! Just curious...those are the largest flip-tops I've seen. Where did you happen to find them?

  5. Hi Connie...thanks :) Yep....a few people have asked me that question. I got the 6" flip-tops from which is a company I have done business with a few times and am always pleased with their product, speed and prices. I buy those little wooden needlecases from them, and this last order included some new bead mats (they do the largest ones I have been able to find) and some bead backing as I'm venturing into bead embroidery.

  6. Great New Year for you, sounds like it'll be a very interesting one. Look forward to your review - love Diane Fitzgerald's work and I'm fortunate to have a couple which are really helping me on my ventures of learning bead weaving.

  7. I am so happy that 2012 is starting off so well for you! I hope the year keeps getting better and better!



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