Tuesday, October 7, 2014


That's how I feel about my new store over at Indiemade.

IndieMade.com Websites Made Easy for Artisans

Having instant download...finally...is heaven!
The tools make my life and my customers' so much easier.....I can track what each customer buys and so can they, they can even download again (up to 5 times) if they lose things in a hard drive crash....or they are travelling and downloaded it to their desktop but not to their tablet and somehow they ended up in a bead store (how does that happen?) and they don't have the supply list they need.

It gives me projections for the month so I can easily check to see if I'm on track.
I get to link up my blog, have a newsletter sign up, link you to my YouTube channel.
Also what I've wanted to be able to do for a while....the ability to list a "Free with Purchase" tutorial. This gives me a way to reward people who shop with me regularly....I'd like to do a monthly freebie that can be added to your cart.

Some of my friends are opening Indiemade stores too....here's Suzi Campbell's

And here's Heather Collin's

And, of course, mine :)

Click on the pictures to go to the stores

If you have an Etsy store and are sick of the large sums of money you pay them each month you might want to join us over at Indiemade.
If you have digital product that needs instant download the plans start at $12.95 a month for up to 100 products.....and go to $19.95 for up to 300 products. Say bye-bye to listing fees and Etsy commissions....load up 100 at a time.....it won't cost you 100 x 20c and you won't have to watch your stock all the time. And you get your first month free to try it all out.

Interested.....click on the image below or the one at the top to go to Indiemade and check it out for yourself....I think you'll like it.

IndieMade.com Websites Made Easy for Jewelry Designers

What they don't have is forums and guilds so if you're looking for that kind of community it's not here. However....that said...there is an Indiemade group on Facebook and I've just asked to join and we could always start our own Indiemade seller group.

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  1. Aww shucks!! ta Mikki for the plug :) But you are so right - Indiemade has great tools to get things up and going.. And even checking out the *handbook* for help - they are constantly in there answering questions....so to me that says heaps...great support when needed!! And yes so true about being different if people looking for a *website* fronted store without there being a community base to it.. But good to know about the Indie group on Facebook. And thanks so much for showing this site which also has led me to change.. ;)


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