Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Battling Through

Stress levels are high right now but I'm being good and doing the aspirin regimen to avoid a repeat of the mini-strokes that have happened twice in my life when my stress levels maxxed out.   Family stuff and not work related though it all affects work when you work from home.

Work is my salvation.  My muse has always ridden to the rescue on a white horse....filling my head with beauty and challenge taking me away from the current troubles.

So my head is FULL of new designs for beading and polymer. I think I have workshop projects for the next year and the new format is making me feel like a professional designer.  I think for the first time in my life I know exactly where I am headed, my direction, my choice and being sure of that I see me leaping all the obstacles that get thrown at me and have derailed me in the past.  When the "get a job" comments come at me and the sneers as if I'm a loser and slacker are thrown at me I just know that it's from fear and jealousy because I am making it happen. 
Proving people wrong does not make them happy...lol!

Thanks to LJ my dream cuff has a name "Wicked Weave" and the two versions are designed, a simple narrow bracelet for the beginner/intermediate beader and a broad cuff for the advanced beader.

I'm loving designing this way....the complex first and then a simplified version, hopefully everyone else feels the same way :)

I'm going to have a polymer day today....muses are on my mind and I think muse pendants would be really cool. We'll see how the ideas translate into reality...cross your fingers.


  1. That turquoise is totally deelish!!

  2. Well...Suz...let's hope you like the other colors....cos this colorway sample is done...lol! I have an olive and coral one lined up for you to make.


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