Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Take a Vacation

When you work for yourself and are reliant on classes for income the idea of taking a break is daunting, to say the least.  But sometimes you just need to take a break. Planning for time off is a really good idea, saving up for it is even better but the realities are that you might not be able to save, new businesses take time to have that kind of income.
So....where does that leave you.....or in this

The designs for October (Gideon's Wheel) and November (Wicked Weave) are done and the new class format of one large project per month is already proving it's the right decision for me. Next month I have no projects to teach....and just two open bead classes so there is income to make up. 

I'm approaching it all positively, telling myself it will all be ok and then I'm working my tush off to get as many patterns as I can into my Etsy store. I keep all my PDF patterns on a flash drive so even when I'm on vacation I can complete sales.  I have a couple of oldies but goodies that I haven't offered up for sale yet and some interesting pieces I haven't written patterns for...yet.  So, my goal this week is a pattern a day into my store, these are a couple of things that will be showing up.

Anastasia...a delicate setting and stringing for a donut

Bring on the Bling Daisy Tile Bracelet
I definitely need to take better photos of this one....cos it's way sparkly!

Plus along with the pattern writing I want to play with clay and get some new beads and pendants done. So....I have a busy few weeks ahead of me and hopefully the results will make up for the lost income a vacation creates.


  1. Um. Where exactly does the vacation come in here? And anyone taking bets that something gets designed, at least, during the "vacation"?:D

  2. Ha! For me vacation means time to bead! Funny when it becomes your job how it changes!


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