Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's a Kind of Hush all over the World...tonight...

Ok...so it's morning and it's just in my house but the hush is real!
Mom stayed overnight in the hospital for tests...nothing major, just checking her after a couple of symptoms of a mini-stroke which it turned out she didn't have. Better safe than sorry. Now they are doing some tests on her heart and she should be released this afternoon.

She called early this morning all bright and breezy due to having people fuss over her (the strong English accent has that effect), she's always seen her trips to the hospital as a vacation...lol! Mostly because they've never been anything serious.

For me....the house is quiet, no morning rundown of how many times she got out of bed to go to the bathroom, what hurts, what doesn't, etc. When my niece visited she asked me if this was the norm and freaked when I said it was...lol!  

This is what I miss. The quiet time in the morning....I'm smiling, I feel light and optimistic. I feel like me.  So, even though I have errands to run I'm not going!!!! I am making the most of the quiet time and holding onto this feeling as long as I can.

If you missed it on Facebook this is the  latest piece off my bead bench, Olive Expressions. The second picture shows the clasp which I am really happy with....a clasp in disguise.

And now I'm off to bead....the Simple Sister to Gideon's Wheel.
Have a great dayy everyone.


  1. Oh sweetie - enjoy! The clasp is gorgeous. How does it work?

  2. Just like a toggle, Suz. I'll bring it to class on Thursday....if it hasn't sold, lol!

  3. Wao, it's a wonderful bracelet!! It's incredible. I like the colours!!


  4. I can hear the relaxed tone in your voice - I hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet!

    I love the clasp too - there is something about toggles isn't there!



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