Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Early, I'm Awake, Busy Day

It's pre-yard sale day...oh joy!

I'm heading out to the bead store to avoid the morning's mess and will do my part this afternoon.
One class to go before the craft store I teach at shuts down it's classroom so it can use it for storage of all the Black Friday and Christmas sales stuff.
I'll be using the time to work on the house to get it ready to sell and focus the business on new patterns, though my students aren't happy about six weeks without  beading class so maybe we can squeeze in an open bead.

I'm actually rellishing the fact that I'll have time to do some pattern writing because it always seems to get pushed on a back burner, not because I'm procrastinating, it's just that my design brain doesn't shut down and keeps churning the designs out faster than I can write.  My muse is an over achiever, what can I do?

 I do have a couple of nice ladies who are going to help bead some of the flatwork designs..I think I have at least six waiting to be beaded...and I could easily design six a week....the inspiration photos are stacked up!
I was looking at the work of some wonderful beaders this week and I have to say I get envious....they have each of their designs made up in a few different colorways, less designs but it looks like such a more relaxed way to do things than the frenzied way Morganna makes me work.
Maybe I need to weed.
Maybe I need to choose a few designs and concentrate on them.
Maybe I need to slow things down.
Maybe I need lock Morganna in a closet.

A team of bead fairies would be nice.
A machine that translates designs directly from my brain into printable patterns would be nice, I'd even be willing to have an implant for that.
Or a little elf who comes in and tidies my studio each night, setting out the next day's work for me.

Wishful thinking...thinking full of wishes.


  1. Best of luck with getting the fairies to help. My experience has been that they tend to be more mischievous and playful not much interested in working. They can be good pals and fun friends but not the best for low paid employees.

  2. If any or all of your wishes come true, Mikki - let me in on the secret, lol!! I know what you mean, sometimes the ideas totally obliterate the 'business' end of things...which is joy to me, I really have to admit hating the business end (thank God Sherwood takes care of most of it).

  3. If you find a machine that can transfer the design to paper...let me know! I'm all for that.
    Bead Happy!

  4. Yes, I would love one of those transfer machines....sounds like you have plenty to do with your time these days. How sad that the LBS or craft store is shutting down their teaching venue (which inpires people to buy I will add), in favor of a storage facility...


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