Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a Great Challenge!

I just have to say that I am thrilled with the response to the Bead Mavens first challenge. The Ice Queens are amazing and we are still haggling over the winners...lol!  A really TOUGH job!

The winners will be announced tomorrow! And the Mavens are all excited!!!

We're getting ready to announce our next challenge, so keep your eyes open so you can get a jump start on it.  We'll be giving you a bit longer to create your masterpiece for the next one but it never hurts to start early!

I already have some vague ideas for my piece...but we'll see how it goes.

On other fronts...I should have some kits available for the Gothic Butterfly/Urchin Wings bracelet this week...still waiting for things to arrive....holiday hangups.  I also have two new flatwork patterns almost ready for publishing....thanks to my bead elf Suzanne :) who beaded the designs up for me.

I do need to write up the new rope pattern too....though I want to work the stitch in flatwork too. So  much to do....always!
I did finish the first of my Angel Wings brooches last night...there's a red one coming too :)

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