Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Just Gets in the Way, Dagnabbit! it's been a while since I posted here...though I was keeping up with the Bead Maven's blog.
The truth is my life had hit a bad patch...familial issues..ugh! And if I had blogged it would have been full of whining, complaining, anger and I thought it best to just go bead and wait till the s***storm passed.

Fortunately for me stress seems to make me creative and I've ended up with lots of new designs and even TWO new rope stitches!  I'm not sure I can take credit for the second one as my muse, Morganna, is completely responsible....making it while my brain was on vacation and I was in auto-pilot mode.

Many of you have seen and even bought my new Triquetra Rope tutorial...and I thank you kindly :)  As you can see this rope is worked over a bead very easy and versatile.

I haven't written up the tutorial yet for the second new rope which is kind of oval, worked in three layers and has a chevron pattern...I love doing it in a few colors as it has a tweed look to it.

Of course I'm not the only one putting out new tutorials....Good Quill Hunting and I traded my Triquetra Rope for her Manja Necklace available to you in her Artfire store

Cynthia Newcomer-Daniel also has a new tutorial out....for her Ice Queen Bracelet!!  You can buy this one at her Artfire studio Jewelry Tales.

And I can't not mention Sandfiber's Blooming Bead tutorial...I think we'll be seeing a lot of Blooming Beads showing up everywhere...I may even have to jump in on this one myself. You can buy this tutorial here.

And if you don't feel like beading something yourself why not head on over to my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and scoop up a MAJOR bargain....I blame the bump on my head for these silly prices. You can tell all your friends I've lost my mind and they should shop before I find it :)

Hope you all are recovered from Turkey Day and didn't get trampled in the sales.


  1. I love your Triquetra rope, it's a fabulous design. The Manja necklace is amazing, and I am SO tempted by that beaded bead . . .

  2. And now I added your new tutorial which is spectacular, young lady!

  3. Nice to see you blogging again... well blogging here again. Sorry to hear about your family issues. I hope life gets back to normal for you soon... but hey what a bonus that you get creative when stressed!

    Thanks for sharing the other tutorials.


  4. Happy to see you up and blogging again! I know that every day is a gift, but some days are just better put in the past! Get on with your future.

  5. Glad to be back....I hate being whiney and complaining even if I have good reason...I can't stand listening to myself even if I am just doing it in my head. I just didn't want to blog it!


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