Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who Am I?

I am actually asking myself that question because things are going smoothly and I'm ahead of myself design wise.
Maybe putting up the big white board is helping , having to look at it all the time makes me want to be able to fill spaces in and cross things off.
I only have three spaces left to fill for my Pattern of the Week schedule which means I've designed and done the patterns into April....and it's only December!!!!

I actually found time to sit and bead a flatwork design....the inspiration for this one is Japanese kimonos...I've always had a thing for those embroidered satins. This one is called Kimono Royale and I should have the beading finished today:)

I'm not as far ahead with the tutorials....the plan here is one a month, though December will probably see two as I will be offering a freebie over on the Bead Maven's blog....we plan to do these once a month but they will only be up for three days, then you have to buy it. The perks of following the Bead Mavens :)

I've also been playing with a project I'm think of submitting to teach at Babe next year...it will require more playing before I get it just where I want it.

Anyway....my day will start and end with beading...with errands in between.
Happy Tuesday!


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