Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December? Already?

I say that because December always flashes by me but at least it's just December and not November as well, as it used to be.
For me November was the start of the 'expensive' period of the year, my Dad's birthday (but sadly, now he's gone), my ex-husband's birthday (he's not so sadly gone), Thanksgiving....then my grandfather's birthday (sadly gone) my birthday, my Mom's birthday, Christmas, New Years and my niece's birthday.

This year money is tight all way around so we're not doing Christmas gifts this as we haven't been thanked for last year's yet, some people don't deserve anything but a lump of coal. They sure don't deserve 'designed exclusively for them in their fave color jewelry'!!!!
I've been through this before and then I made a have a great gift but you have to come visit to get it....they were just an hour away and sometimes less...I learned to get gifts I could use because they never showed up. Since living with Mom I went back to sending gifts and not recieving thankyous....five years of it and it's back to the old rule, and Mom's with me this time.

I used to really enjoy Christmas...choosing gifts for people, wrapping them beautifully and it wasn't like I expected a gift in return...the joy was in the giving. But when you don't get so much as a thankyou it really sucks the joy out of it and leaves you feeling sad.

Next year we should be in California and there are lots of Christmassy things to do there, I'm hoping both Mom and I can get our Christmas spirit back by creating a new tradition, not sure what that will be yet...but I'm dang certain it will be fun.

I truly hope your Christmas will be fun, full of thankful people who are more thankful for family and friends than the gift haul.

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  1. I really don't like it when people are thoughtless and inconsiderate, and it causes you to enjoy something less than you should!

    I keep having the same conversation about a general lack of consideration in today's world - I always find it amusing when I have that conversation with older folks and they start out with a slightly puzzled look...I guess maybe they're realizing that some of us "young'uns" aren't like that...I'm only 35, but I find myself talking about "kids these days"...

    I am going to send you some Merry Christmas vibes and FORCE you to find some cheer...Hey - go buy some more egg nog! That oughta help!



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