Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kermit Days

Yesterday was a Kermit Day.
(What the heck is she talking about now?)

Someone, I think it was Heather Collins, explained to me that when she had a day of beading where more time was spent ripping out than actually beading she called it a froggy day as in "rippit, rippit".  I tried to put a happy spin on it by thinking of Kermit when I'm having one of those days (if you listen closely you can hear me humming "It's not easy being green") so I now refer to those days as my Kermit Days.

And what had me so flummoxed?
A bigger version of this baby, my new Spiral Star.

The plan is to make a bigger one that I can use to create a fascinator, one of those pretty little hat thingies.  Of course, I want to do it now so it means working from my stash and that means working with different shaped beads. I had it going quite well, two spokes done with 4mm magatamas in place of the pearls when I realised I was going to be 14 magatamas short. Grrrr!

Rippit, rippit!
It ain't easy, Beading Queen.

I will say Nancy's post on the Bead Maven's blog about knotting your work, finishing threads as you go, because trust me it works for bead weaving too!  I had thought ahead and finished off the thread when I finished the bezel center allowing me to actually cut the spokes off without disturbing the part I was happy with!  So, all ripped out, beads sorted, magatamas tubed again I pulled out some lentils.

Now, the magatamas and the lentils both change the design somewhat, they decided they wanted to lay backwards....lazy little buggers....however, I decided that maybe they were right.

Now, I'm about finished with the first spoke and I sit back and take a good honest look at it....get my critical eye out of my pocket and brush the lint off it.  I then throw said critical eye against the wall.

Rippit, rippit!
It ain't easy, Beading Queen.

The problem this time was that starting the cellini in the way I had been doing did not work for the lentils, too close too the center made them choose to lay in the wrong direction and this time they were not right.

So it was back down to the center bezel again...boy, I'm happy with that though :)  I'd had enough for the night and decided to watch a little TV, people buying and selling houses. You can learn a lot from those shows and as that is in the near (please God let it be the very near) future, Mom and I have taken to learning as much as we can.

This morning I'm looking at that sweet little center and hoping that today I can get it right.
Kermit....take the day off buddy!


  1. And how did it go??? Thank you for referring to the blog post - and you're right, I should have added that in!! I LOVE your spiral star, I can't wait to see the larger one!!!

  2. It's flying around FB, Nancy :) The larger one worked out quite differently...looks more like a cousin rather than a big sister :)

  3. This is pretty funny as I spend an inordinate amount of time undoing stuff, too. In knitting they called it tink (knit spelled backwards) or frogging, too. Obviously you learn something new from each re-doing so it's not all bad, right?


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