Sunday, July 3, 2011

Working hard & Recovering

It's been a while since blogged, after all the hassles with the wedding and then Mom's angiogram but I'm back working hard on lots of new tutorials with I'll be releasing this month. 
The tutorials I'm working on are the ones I had originally thought would be a book. After looking at it from all ways l decided to release into a collection of tutorials. So, there will be 4 main tutorials all with 3 to 6 projects in each, and 2 bonus tutorials, one for each pair of tutorials. Plus, I'll be offering a discount if you buy all 4 tutorials. I'm hoping to release everything by the middle of this month. So stay tuned :) While you're waiting for that why not shop my 4th of July Sale ~ I did a bit of numerology to come up with this one.
 July 4, 2011 = 7+4+2+0+ 1+1=15, so it's 15% off Storewide.

Other new things, three of the Bead Mavens including myself have purchased Wacom Bamboo tablets, and are helping each other learn how to use them. They are a totally fun tool and I'm actually writing this post with mine ~ not typing, writing! This means can sign documents online :) While we all bought them to help with writing and illustrating tutorials, they make drawing threadpaths so much easier, we've discovered there's a ton more you can do. Watch for our review on the Bead Mavens' biog. At the moment Heather,Callie and myself have Bamboos but l know Nancy & Linda are intrigued:) I know. it's silly but I actually have so much fun writing with it. You teach it to recognize your handwriting and it translates it into type but every now & then it screws up and puts in some totally off the wall word. Cracks me up!

For those of you interested, my dog is still with us, he's sleeping and breathing better thanks to the new meds, however, his incontinence has gotten worse so he's in a belly band and pads ~ and I got to clean carpets yesterday :(

It's been a productive week and I hope next week is just as productive, it's amazing how much you can get done when you're sleeping well. After a week of sleeping 8 full hours I feel like my old self again!.

Well! hope everyone has a great 4th and don't go playing with fireworks, you might lose a finger, and you need all of them to bead! :)

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