Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to Health and Energy

A chunk of my time right now is used up trying to get me back to a healthy weight and improve my health....building my body into a fortress so I can take what the world seems to delight throwing at me.

I signed up on which is turning out to be a spectacular tool for weight loss. Four days of using it and the elliptical and I dropped 2.6lbs. I really thought that, even though I was not eating as healthy as I did when I lived on my own, I was still doing a good job....nyet!
Logging every little thing I eat into FS I discovered my fat intake was way up there, followed closely by wonder I was gaining so much. Now I see keeping my fat below 20% and my protein around 30% as a challenge and work it out each day to keep it at that. Then I make sure my calories out are at least 1000 more than my calories in.  It's simple :)
And it's only taken me 3 seasons of The Biggest Loser to get!

If anyone wants to join me....hop on over to's free...and buddy can see what I'm eating and doing to lose the weight.

I am finding time to bead though it's still slow going but I did decide to release this one...a soft bangle of Embellished Corrugations

I was planning to submit this to B&B but as I seem to be working on a series of the Corrugations I thought I'd design something else for them :)
I'm working on a second sample right now with a different embellishment, one using the new Twin seed beads.  It's less blingy and more day wear...the one pictured is very sparkly though it doesn't look so much in the picture. The outer black beads are Chinese crystal rondelles and very sparkly :)

I ordered some Steampunky things today to go with the Industrial Chic line and I'm hoping the designs my muse came up with work :)  The corrugated peyote does take time but I really feel it's worth it when I see the results and I hope others will feel the same way.


  1. This is a very beautiful bracelet. I love the dramatic black and white.

  2. Love this bracelet - I am going to WW but I am going to take a look at FatSecret too.

  3. Jean....FS works with WW...and just about every other diet :)

  4. Hi Mikki,
    oh wow, this is a very great and beautiful work. I love it. I love the colors.
    greetings from Germany

  5. Keep up the good eating!!! You are amazing with all you do!


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