Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I need a New Alarm Clock

I need one that will tip me out of bed when I hit the snooze button for the third time.  Or maybe someone needs to come take my Kindle away from me after an hour :) I'll blame it on Gemma Halliday right now...just started the second of her "High Heels" mysteries and they are a fun read, one I have a hard time putting down.

So, I feel really tired today and actually thinking about taking a rest day. Maybe a day of not hitting the elliptical will give my body time to regulate it's temperature. Ever since I started exercising my body temperature has gone skyward....ten days ago I was wearing two sweaters in the house and now I'm down to a tank top and I'm still hot.  I think that has something to do with a confused metabolism :)

I've been sifting through things I've made but haven't done the tutorials for yet....they now all reside in a little chest on my desk.  These are some of them.

My  "Petite Pacquets" ("Little Packages") series

Chunky with pearls.

Embedded Shells

Diamond Pendant/Brooch

And then something a little different.....a ring from a series I call "Crustaceans" I have a pendant and earrings too but they haven't turned up yet :) I know I put them somewhere safe...lol...you know how that goes!

Sometimes I think I'll never get caught up.


  1. Love the work! The last ring looks like a beaded version of what you can do with the new crystal clay stuff :o) But so much cooler! Glad to see you're feeling better and hitting the beads!!

  2. Thanks...yeah..you're right about the ring. It's based on honeycomb stitch and fun to do :)

  3. Awesome pictures. I really like it. thanks for sharing with us.
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