Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Onward and Upward!

One step in front of the other really matter how small the steps are.
I'm happy to report that I'm making progress, slowly but surely.

Sometimes I think my life is like a game show.... more 'Wipeout' than 'Amazing Race' only I'm not sure what the prize is or even if there is one.

But this whole episode teaches me to just stay focused on the things that make me happy, the things I feel good about and that always comes down to my creativity.  A few people have given me some real strength and helped me believe again...and those have been people I've never actually met in real life which helps enormously in the 'faith in human nature' department.
I am hugely thankful for those people...and you know who you are :)

All the encouragement to not quit beading worked and I have managed to almost finish one design (just waiting for the beads I ran out of) that I'd started before it all hit the fan.

This is "Corrugated Filigree" part of my "Industrial Chic" line.

There will be a necklace too and earrings...and, of course tutorials for them all :)

I also managed a variation of my corrugated peyote that I'm really pleased with but can't show as it's destined for Bead & Button. In the midst of all the crap B&B contacted me about submitting a couple of projects for the magazine....completely honored by this but somewhat freaked because my brain wasn't working.
I asked what they were interested in and they said a flatwork design and something like my Arianne Bangles...peyote-ish :)  So, one down, the flatwork design in my head but not translating onto paper yet. I can see it in my mind...and it's! But my brain is still sticking, maybe I haven't reloaded that program yet :)

Last night I picked up the project that I was working out when my brain shorted out, it's now become the 'challenge'. The idea is to translate one of my crochet designs into beading...not beaded crochet, pure bead weaving.
  I did actually get the beads to do what I wanted them to but I'm still playing with it. I got the idea to work with a blend of RAW and peyote on a narrow strip but I would  like it to work purely with peyote and on a wide strip. Or it could be herringbone...we'll see :)

I can tell I'm doing better as I'm back to having more ideas than I can deal with but I still find myself really nervous about pattern writing. What if that program hasn't reloaded into my's a case of plucking up the courage to find out....but that won't be today....or tomorrow. My goal is to give it a try on Monday.   Baby steps :)


  1. Great read Mikki and your journey is one we can all relate to. I absolutely love your work and would be so disappointed if you didn't keep taking those baby steps! Congrats on all the new opportunities coming your way!

  2. I know you are a tough person and will get trough this. Great bracelet too - love all of your work...

  3. That is a fabulous bracelet! I'm glad to see that nothing can keep you down - you go girl!

  4. Thanks :) As I come to the end of another year I think about what I've learned and I think one of the most important was how much sleep deprivation can effect you and I was reminded that too much stress will knock you on your butt physically and mentally.
    I'm really hoping this is the last time I have to 'bounce back', 'pick myself up' and 'climb out of the abyss'....cause it's really getting old. :)

  5. As they say..."It's the journey, not the destination" that counts...stay positive, stay focused and keep your eye on the prize which of course is your well being! I love that bracelet..I may have to quit reveling my GC and buy that pattern.. ;o)

  6. Mikki, glad you're getting back to your lovely beadwork. The bracelet is sumptuously beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful bracelet... if that's what you are able to create when you are in a slump then WOW! It's nice to see you slowly getting back on board and able to do something you love...and we love seeing you do! Can't wait for the tutorials!


  8. It sounds as if you have begun your rise back to the top! That's what the strong do. Life can be such a bitch sometimes but Only the Strong Survive. And, off to a great start you are with that gorgeous bracelet! Can't wait till the pattern is out. So glad you didn't stop beading cause what would we all do with out you?

  9. Thanks everyone....your comments really warm my heart and help me move forward.
    I am still struggling when it comes to working things out...that dang cuff I want to do is a PITA! But, I know I'll get my brain back to 100% and be able to figure it out.
    I screwed up and ordered the wrong beads to finish the Corrugated Filigree cuff so that's on hold....but if I start writing the pattern on Monday the beads should be here before I finish it on Friday so I can drop the new pics in. And meantime I am starting to work on the Corrugated Filigree Necklace :)


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