Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So I mentioned I had a couple of books I wanted to review and today is that day.  It's not often I buy books about beading because I'm a sponge and I fear accidentally regurgitating someone else's design but as I am about to venture into some bead embroidery I thought I'd better get a good reference book.
And that is exactly what Jamie Cloud Eakin's "Dimensional Bead Embroidery" is....a wonderful book for those starting out with bead embroidery.

Jamie gives you lots of information about materials and she includes some inexpensive ones I would never have thought of.  I would definitely class this as a must have book for the beginner to intermediate bead embroiderer.
Click on the book to buy :)

The other book I bought was to replace my embroidery book that fell apart due to over use :) This one, "Stitch-opedia" by Helen Winthorpe Kendrick, is a definite upgrade from my old one.  Helen covers most  types of embroidery from cross-stitch to stumpwork and is a great reference guide for embroidery stitches.  There are many styles of embroidery that can be adapted to beading and as soon as I have time I plan on experimenting with them all :)

This book is spiral bound which I think is a brilliant idea for any kind of craft book. If you're a zentangler and want to take it to the next level....embroidery would be the way to go....with bead or without :)
Again clicking on the book will take you to Amazon where this book is on sale for about 50% of what I paid...run!

The next book I'm looking for.....a good book on 'Trapunto' which has always fascinated me. For those of you who don't know what it is....trapunto is a quilting technique where you stuff certain areas of the quilting to create a more dimensional piece.  It is covered just slightly in "Stitch-opedia" but I'm greedy for knowledge so I want more :)  If anyone knows of a good 'Trapunto' book let me know.


  1. Mikki, I have a book on Trapunto in my stash. Email me your mailing address. :)


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