Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneek Peak

So, I'm trying hard to not post pictures of my latest designs as they are for a book proposal but it's dang hard not to (I'm sure Jean Campbell would agree as she's posted a few pics from the book she's working on).

However, I find I don't enjoy blogging without just isn't the same. So I thought I'd post more of a component photo, parts I'm working on (with some finished pieces around the edges). I've scattered in some Swarovski rivolis which are part of my inspiration. I managed to work on these pieces a little bit last night after I had fulfilled my alotted duty of the day to finish one side of the netted collar I'm working on. The netting can get tedious, especially when you've already pulled it out once, but I'm happy with the result so far.

I think when you have a large piece to work on that has a lot of repetition it's good to just set yourself a portion to do each day then you don't get bored and bogged down. Throw in an interesting quick piece in between sessions.

I need to work on the finishing touches of the Bead Society newsletter today and I really need to get over to the brand new bead store and coax the owner into speaking at our meeting. A breath of fresh air and a pretty drive will do me a power of good.

Something that did me a power of good last night was reading Lisa Crone's Secret Journey
I follow Lisa's blog 'A Bead A Day' and we've become e-mail buddies so I was very interested to read her story which is inspiring to everyone, I think, you don't have to be a beader. She tells us how she was inspired to write her book "A Bead in Time" and the changes in her life because of it. Great job Lisa!


  1. The beaded collar is going to be stunning and the bits you have teased us with are tantalizing. No, blogs without pictures are not good. I am amazed how much of the netting you've gotten done since Thurs. evening. Way to go!

  2. I finished 25% of the top netting last night, so I figure three more sessions and it'll be done apart from the fasteners. Then I can start on the matching!


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