Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Design Genius, I Tell You!

Reading the blogs yesterday I saw Marcia DeCoster's little bauble that she doesn't know what she's going to do with so I thought I'd show mine. Mine is lovingly called "Spermy" for obvious reasons though my students thought it looked more like an uncircumcised penis....what am I gonna do with these women and what men have they been mixing with? Scary!

I'm not sure what's going to happen to Spermy other than I do know he has some cousins who should be coming to visit soon....maybe we can all sit down and figure something out.

I thought I'd also show one of my new rings, yes, one I copyrighted after all the drama last week.
I also thought I'd show you my inspiration and
that others have used the same inspiration....there are no new ideas, just developments of old ones.
People often ask me where I get my ideas from, so this should give an idea of where my mind wanders and what it comes up with.

There are quite a few rings out there based on the hand armor of olde, more than when I first did my designs six years ago. I think each of them is unique and I think mine fits in with the developments quite well.

have a thing for armor and I miss being able to wear my chainmaille clothing out and about....but I don't live in California or New York where you can get away with it. At least these rings allow me a little self expression.


  1. LOL..."spermy" is very interesting!!!

    Your ring is great...gorgeous work, unique design!


  2. I am totally blown away your the beaded ring armor! It always amazes me where inspiration can come from.

  3. Your ring is the sexiest piece of jewelry I've seen in a LONG time! It's absolutely brilliant.


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