Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hushed to Rushed

My hush time lasted an evening and a morning....then all hell broke loose.
Everything turned out fine for stroke, no problems really....they said possibly an inner ear infection.
And you know how it hold yourself together while you have to and then you crumble.   That was what happened last night...I was so stressed out I was in bed at 6pm.  If I were to bet on who lives longest I'd put my money on Mom cos all this stress has to be doing something to my body.

Anway....nuff of that!
Coffee with a friend this morning is just what the doctor ordered and I'll try not to whine, and concentrate on all the good things that have been happening lately.

I hope to finish the Simple Sister to Gideon's Wheel today....I'm referring to it as the "It" necklace as the dot, dot, dash spells "it" in morse code...I know I have a screw loose.
I took the bezelled pearls from Gideon's Wheel and created a simple pendant necklace with the donut and a CZ teardrop. It has a nice simple elegance to it.  There will be an extender clasp to round out the project.  I turned my Gideon's Wheel sample into a brooch as I only had 8mm pearls and I wanted 10mm for it, Suz will be doing this colorway for the complete sample.  I like the brooch has a military (medal) feel to it which is going to be hot this fall/winter season.

And the finished It necklace

Thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes when the stress hit me  and pretty much made me comatose yesterday....much appreciated!

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