Monday, May 16, 2011

The Lost Weekend

Yep, it's Monday and I totally lost the weekend due to a ridiculously bad migraine after a bad choice for Friday's dinner.
In my twenties I developed allergies that caused THE worst migraines, of course I didn't know it was allergies and the doctor wasn't too helpful, just kept giving me meds for when I had a preventative. It got to a point where if I didn't have a migraine I was knocked out from the meds. And if I had a migraine I could throw up for eight hours straight and would lose my balance so much I would have to crawl around on all fours getting to my dark and quiet room.
I was so sick of being sick I did some research...before the not easy research.  I found that tiny veins and thick blood contributed to migraines...made sense to me and I knew I had both so I asked my doctor for a blood thinner and worked.  The next step was to find out if it was possible to thin my blood naturally and what I was allergic to.  A painful process because I had to get migraines to find out what caused them....a food diary was used and I discovered aged cheese was a major trigger for me.
Red wine, chocolate and stress added to it and if I had all four in the same day I was guaranteed a migraine.
So...I quit cheese, cut down on red wine and chocolate and tried to manage my stress better.  It worked and the migraines became a twice yearly thing.

So....on Friday my bad choice for dinner was a five cheese pizza!
I've gradaully been able to bring cheese back into my diet, in small amounts, but obviously the five cheeses were overkill.  Somehow we need to learn the same lesson every now and again....I certainly learned mine as I told God many times while I had my arms wrapped around and my head down the toilet.

Of course, there's not much that stops me beading....I managed to create my Blue Danube bangle on Friday before the migraine set in and last night I worked out the kinks of an idea I'd had for a beautiful lampwork spiral I bought from Lea Avroch.  That's in progress not to be shown until it's finished and has a working title of "Screwed"....which coincidentally was how I felt over the weekend :)

So, it's Monday...I'll be playing catch-up all day while still somewhat fragile, due in part to not being able to really stomach food yet. But I'm on the recovery road and the silver lining is I may just lose a few pounds.


  1. I hope you will be fine soon again. I clicked on funny, because your way of writing is quite funny actually, even though the situation surely wasn't. *hugs*

  2. Thanks has to keep one's sense of humor or one is truly lost!

  3. Oh my Mikki, so sorry about your headaches. My MIL has the same aged cheese sensitivity and it seems to always flair up at really bad times. So I hope this week finds you inspired, more productive and feeling fantastic!

    Have a terrific week!

  4. Happy to hear you have learned something, feeling better already and beading again!!!

  5. Lady Mikki... that bracelet is awesome. I hope you're feeling much better. How do you live without cheese?

  6. Hang in there, and no more 5 cheese pizza! Living without cheese is better than living in pain. (((gentle hugs)))

  7. I lived without aged cheese for over 20 years...and given that American cheese is nothing like English cheese it's no biggie. I can still eat cream cheese and feta and you better believe I'll be sticking to that. I'm on the mend though after shopping today totally exhausted and realising my strength is definitely on the low end of the scale.
    This too shall pass.

  8. Ouch. I suppose the Kale, Pear and Bleu Cheese salad I had last night would be out entirely. Hope you are ALL better and back to your beads!

  9. In the words of Rosanna Rosanna Dana, "It's always something." Glad you're feeling better - and, umm, I'd avoid the five cheese pizza in the future. And PS - I just adore that cuff!

  10. Thanks everyone :) Still shakey and tired but it normally takes me a week to fully recover from that bad a migraine...but, getting there. Bleu cheese makes my stomach turn on the best of days, Marsha :) happy you like the cuff.


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