Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, Saturday......

Yes, I's Sunday, but I thought I would share what I did yesterday.

I got a jump on my day by getting up early and heading out to Lowes to pick up some pipe to use as mandrels...more about that later.  I'd heard there was a new bead store in town...correction A bead I headed out in search of it.  I found it but it was closed due to it being the What Women Want expo and the bead store having a booth there. I considered going to the expo....for a nano way I was up to that or wanted to spend the time it would take....I had things to do!

Anyway, when I got back home I looked up the new bead store, The Bead Closet Boutique, and discovered the gal who owns it has an Etsy store and has just started a I introduced myself and told her I'd stop by the store this week. For my local friends reading this the store is at 65 North 100 East (between Blvd and Tabernacle).  Not sure yet if she caters to bead weavers.

Back to the pipe and mandrels....I wanted to make some spiral beads for a design I'm working on and needed a 1/2" mandrel to mold them on. So it was a trip to Lowes where I got a length of copper pipe and then managed to get blisters cutting it into lengths that would go in my toaster oven. (Yes, I know I should have worn gloves).

In the picture you can see the gorgeous spiral lampwork I bought from Lea Avroch and the polymer spirals I made last night...the ones I didn't burn.  Of course my spirals are not sanded and buffed so no shine for those...YET!
The project I'm making them for is a lot of fun and I'm designing it to display these fun spirals....and you will be able to change out the spirals :)

When I wasn't playing with clay I was beading this 40" rope, a snippet you see here.  Lots of work, time and beads in this one.  I've not made anything like this before...such a long necklace...but I rather like it.  The picture is deliberatley not I don't want to show it in all it's glory till it's finished!

Other news
As I was driving to my second to last class on Thursday I realised I was quitting teaching the weekly classes exactly three years after I started teaching them.  Three, being the number of creativity, has always been my fave number...I was born on the 3rd of December and December being the 12th month is also a 3 (1+2=3).  I also started beadweaving three years ago so I decided to have a celebration so starting next Saturday, May 28th I will have a 3-day sale with 30% off everything in my Artfire store.

I also decided I needed a reward to celebrate so I finally bought the Kindle I've wanted for arrives tomorrow and I'm so excited.  After an unexpected sale at the bead store where I display my beadwork I knew I better do it before something else cropped up and I had to put my reward on hold ...again!  So...totally excited to go digital!


  1. Not sure which I enjoy more. Seeing your artwork or just reading your blog. I feel like i've just had a conversation with a friend and she's telling me what she did today! Can't wait to see how these spiral pieces end up!!

  2. I just love reading your blog! Love that new spiral, can't wait to see it all! A few days ago you put up a picture of a similar bracelet, loved that one, too!

  3. Thanks :)
    I'm working on the bangle tutorial for Spinal Tap which, I think is the bracelet you're referring to, Orly. It actually came from this design....I started designing this rope and had to wait for beads to arrive so made the bangle in the meantime :) There will be earrings too :)

  4. That rope is amazing! IS this the same stitch as the Spinal Tap tute? That is definitely on my wishlist!

    I can't wait to see what you make with those spirals!.....selfishly & otherwise! ;-)


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