Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snapping Out of Sleep Deprivation

We're into the last days of my dog pal's 18+ years and taking care of him is topping my 'To Do' list.  This includes numerous nights of interupted sleep which has left me sleep deprived and walking into walls.
It's a tough time...on the 'time to go' scale he's up there but on the 'pain scale' he's on the low end....which tends to make the inevitable decision very difficult.

So...I'm getting way behind on work. 
The 'book' projects are on hold...all but a couple of small pieces beaded but hardly any of the pattern writing done.  I couldn't face pattern writing but as that is a huge part of what I do I decided I better get to it so I'm doing some easier tutorials to get me back into the groove.
I created Goose Bumps, an idea that had been rattling around in my brain for a while and got that into my store. And now I'm working on this set of Geometric Snaps, a basic set that can be used on many projects and will  be published as a commercial pattern.

I totally missed getting out my Pattern of the Week this week, it was made but I never got around to putting the pattern together or photographing it.  It's the first time I've missed one in six months but I'm not going to beat myself up about will only make my eye twitch more than it already!  So, Mondoshawan will be this Sunday's POTW.

I'm also working on some narrower flatwork cuffs as I've had requests for them. Below is the first of these, Zentangle4, which is all done in matte metallics with a touch of shiny metallic running through and is just shy of 1" wide. 

So...if you're waiting for the 'book' which will now be two 'volume' tutorials (five to seven projects in each one) and a bonus tutorial which will only be available when you purchase both 'volumes' is coming....just slowly.

I'm on the last month of teaching weekly beading classes and we're also on countdown to my niece's wedding....four weeks from Saturday and I still have things to do for that. By mid-June I should have a clean slate with only business and getting the house ready for sale on my plate.
And that's enough!


  1. Don't know how you do it all Mikki, it sounds like there is absolutely NO room at all for sleep. You must drink a ton of coffee. I hope you make time for fun and relaxation once in awhile!

  2. Well, Sandy...the sad thing is I absolutely do not enjoy going out here....I find the conservatism and judgemental attitudes here depressing so I avoid them as much as I's like you are walking on eggshells. On Friday the travelling bead show is in town so I'll head on over there and have a chat with my friend Tomas and do a lttle that will be enjoyable.

  3. Mikki, I love the Zentangle4, so lovely to have a designer that takes customer wishes seriously.
    I want that one in a kit please, can you let me know how much.
    Jo in Brisbane, Australia

  4. The flatwork cuffs are wonderful!! And we'll wait patiently!

  5. Thanks :)
    Jo...I have to order some beads in but I will kit Zentangle4...not sure how much it will be yet. And I appreciate the patience....though I had a good day today and finished the snaps way ahead of time...and they are already in my store...YAY!

  6. I love all these bracelets you made! They are so colourful as well :)


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