Friday, May 27, 2011

My Deal of the Year

Tomorrow I'm celebrating myself :)
Three years of bead weaving and a new focus for, I thought I'd share.

Memorial Weekend
30% OFF
Everything in my Artfire store.

All my tutorials are now commercial editions giving you the right to sell what you make from them.
My flatwork patterns are remaining Personal Use Only with an upgrade option.

My PUCC program is up and running, so if you want a Personal Use Only tutorial you have to get a signed copy of the PUCC contract to me so I can issue you a code for 40% OFF.
You can find the PUCC contract here

If you need to snail mail it to me for my mailing address.

I have listed upgrades in my store so you can upgrade a PUCC design if you decide you want to sell from it and I have also listed teaching upgrades so you can become an authorized teacher of my designs.
(When you purchase an upgrade you will recieve documentation for it.)

I'm done with my weekly beading class and will be filling that time with more designing and more pattern writing. So watch for some interesting new designs from me including a design to make use of these babies


  1. The PUCC is an awesome idea Mikki :) Bravo!! you are one dynamite lady!!! (((Hugggsss)))

  2. Thanks....I try to be fair while protecting myself :)

  3. OMG! I thought these were glass at 1st! Great job on the poly clay Mikki!

  4. HA! Lea...I'm not THAT talented. It dawned on me that I could do some spirals in concern was that when I release the tutorials using the spirals the demand for them will go up and I didn't want to overface my fave glass artist or frustrate my beaders. So...I'll be linking to your store for glass spirals and mine for clay :) The thing is...these designs will make it so you can change out the spiral so people may want to buy two or three spirals for the same beadwork piece. Please keep your spirals coming...I need more:)

  5. Music to my ears Mikki! Glad to oblige! They're so fun to make. I guess I'd better order some more large mandrels.

    BTW, I posted a link to your blog post on my wall.

  6. Yes...they are fun to make...for me a little challenging to sand and buff but I'm trying to make three a day so I'll have a stock ready for when I release the tutorial.


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