Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bead Artists Who Teach

Something Cyndi Daniel of Jewelry Tales said to me the other day has been brewing in my mind. She said there were two types of beader the ones who share and the ones who don't. This was in regard to teaching, doing tutorials, selling patterns, etc. Cyndi creates some fabulous beading designs inspired by lace and she sells her patterns at her Etsy store. She also sells the rights to sell her designs with her patterns and I have to say she's the first designer I've come across who does this, and all she asks is that you don't mass produce her work.

So, basically the two types of beaders are the ones who never tell how they make things and keep what they learn to themselves and the ones who do share. The latter tend to be about spreading the knowledge, keeping the techniques alive, stimulating others to create. Cyndi and I are both lovers of lace and are very aware that lacemaking is an art we really have to keep alive. Someone who is doing a good job of this is TotusMel over at Etsy who is a tatter extraordinaire and featured on The Beading Gem's blog today.

Though I do tat lace I haven't done anything more than edgings, however I also crochet lace and pictured are a few cufflettes I've crocheted. I love cufflettes, they are so fun to wear and dress up simple clothes to make them special. The last one is actually beaded, it has hundreds of crystal AB seed beads worked in. I haven't taught crochet but I do sell my patterns.

I'm going to make Tuesdays "Teacher Tuesdays" and feature someone who is out there working hard to spread the knowledge. Support the teachers out there, like Cyndi and TotusMel, by buying their patterns, learning a new technique and passing that knowledge on.


  1. I have been having a forum conversation on Beading Daily about this very thing. I'm an intermediate/advanced seed bead artist that LOVES to share my knowledge. Problem is - at least in my area, I'm having a hard time making the classes teaching the techniques fly.
    Everyone seems to be a bit intimidated by those little pieces of glass.
    And oh, by the way, another outstanding teacher of the weaving arts that gives permission to sell work created from her patterns is Tatiana VanIten. If you have never seen her work - Google her. WOW!

  2. Thanks, Coolmoon, I went to BD and added what I could to the discussion. I'll be Googling Taiana shortly.

  3. I recently taught my first class and it was so much fun. Somewhere I read "teaching is learning twice". How true!

  4. Thanks so much for all the lovely things you wrote! I'm blushing!!!! I find that whenever I teach someone, I learn as much or more than I teach - everyone brings their own unique ways of looking at things, and my students think of things that never would have occurred to me.

    There is nothing better than the give and take that occurs between artists and craftspeople! Now *I'm* off to google Tatiana! Thanks for the heads up Coolmoon!


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