Friday, April 15, 2011

Brighter Days

After days of researching and not getting much done I think I'm back on the beading track.
After class yesterday I managed to find the exact color bead I needed for the clasp design I had in mind for 'Love in the Crosshairs'. So this morning I set about working it up. I had it almost complete when my thread broke (didn't listen to my gut and go with a heavier weight) then I realised I had added one extra thought, rather than un-pick I'd just crunch the bead into oblivion....and I managed to cut the thread there too!
So....feeling frustrated and having just heard the mailman I thought I'd take a break and see if my beads had arrived.

They had :)
And obviously my muse had been telling me something because amongst the fire-polish I ordered were some lavender ones....a much better match than the picasso ones I had been using.  So the morning's work became a test run and was quickly cut apart.  I'm thrilled with the result and it's yet another beaded snap to add to my collection.

Last night's work was the set for my all ready to be boxed up.

So...Purple Sun...check!

What's next?

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  1. I'm sure you'll "find" something else to do! love your work!


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