Friday, April 1, 2011

Challenge Projects

When I have time I LOVE challenge projects and I do try and sneak them in, especially when Artbeads ask me to :)
I also love vintage style so I was super pleased at the new Artbeads blogger program challenge.  We have to incorporate something old into a new design while trying out some fabulous products from Artbeads.
After my Dad died we found he had a stash of old English coins and I've been wanting to do something with them as a keepsake.
So....I'm not sure exactly which coins I will use but I can say I'll definitely be using the 1904 farthing...the little one. I'll need to clean these babies up but then there will be some bezelling going on :)

If you're looking for a challenge head on over to the Bead Maven's Facebook Page where Nancy is signing people up for her Bead Soup Mixer.

I'm working on a Top Secret project for the Mavens and may announce during our hiatus or when we get back....depends how long it takes to get the basics worked out :) But I can promise you it will be very interesting...and challenging for everyone who gets involved.

And if you've missed it....I just listed eight new patterns in my Artfire store and there's even a coupon to help your budget :)
Just type APRILFOOLFREEBIE into the coupon code slot and get $7.50 off your pattern order of $22.50 or more....that's like getting a FREE pattern!

And I ain't foolin'!

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