Sunday, April 24, 2011

Registry For Independent Beadwork Designers

So, here's what I'm thinking after the week of fighting for my rights.

A registry. Somewhere we can post a picture of a design with a graphic like the ones above that indicate to the viewer whether a teaching edition is available or not. If a teaching edition is available there would be a link to a list of authorized teachers and to where it could be purchased with the rules and restrictions listed.

The benefits of having a registry would be that any bead store would be able to check whether or not a design is available to teach and the laws governing copyright...which should be posted up front so they can't miss them. We could also link to any articles regarding copyright.
I'm sure there might be a few sales too :)

After the response to help me solve my issue I have no doubt that we could reach every bead store in the world with this info and it would be an instant education tool.
We could organize it into sections for bracelets,necklaces, earrings, etc. to make searching easier.

We'd need someone who could create this site and maybe we'd need to pay a small membership fee (based on the number of patterns registered) to help run it but I'm sure it could be done so it's easy for us to upload new designs and tag them with the appropriate graphic.

Thoughts?? Input?


  1. Mikki - I like this thought - maybe we could expand on it too? I belong to the Ravelry site because I do a bit of knitting and now crochet. I looked for a similar site for beaders and could not find one. So - if there were a registry, designers could sign up and post their patterns - where to find them and if there are teaching editions. Beaders could rate the patterns, complete versions of the patterns and post them, or do bead alongs.

  2. I like the idea of the patterns being rated. That would help bead stores choose designs to teach. It would be cool to hear from store owners and see what they think.

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