Thursday, April 14, 2011

Researched to Immobility

I have spent a LOT of time this week researching different ways to get my book out.  BOY! Is it interesting....and depressing.
I think the one thing I've really learned is that publishing is something that makes the publisher's money and the author.....not so much.   Financially it doesn't make a lot of sense, releasing patterns individually seems to be more profitable.

Royalties is such a funny makes you think of riches when in truth it's pennies. 

The e-book thing which I wanted to do because it really appealed to my 'save the trees' nature and which looked so promising at first look with 70% commission turned out to be disappointing because the limits for that 70% commission are strict and wouldn't include what I want to put out. So, then it drops to a mere 35%!  Plus they can put your book on sale anytime they want and just give you 35% of the sale much for having the freedom to set your own price!

At this point I've decided to finish the book and then decide how I want to proceed. The options that look good to me right now, and which I could ostensibly do all of them, are....
  • putting it on CD & packaging it in a DVD case with a nice little booklet showing all the design projects
  • going with a company that stores files and makes them downloadable automatically upon payment, then build my own website to sell an e-book from
  • have a printed version available from my online stores through a Print On Demand (POD) company.
Other things that are up in the air is whether I need to combine chapters. When I first set out to write a book I had six chapters that covered different techniques, then I decided to turn each chapter into a volume and fill it out with more versions/variants of the components/projects which would show much more of the design process.  That may still be the way I go, particularly if I go the CD route....I am looking at cases that snap together and cases that hold multiple CDs so the individual volumes become a collection.
At the moment I'm considering blending two chapters for each volume....but that will depend on just how big the first chapter ends up being.

The date for release on my big white board, May 2nd, seems like an impossibility at this point....I've felt like I've been treading water this week, working hard to just stay afloat...the catching up I did after being sick has dissipated and I am so far behind again. Trouble is, all the research has disillusioned me...not to mention when I've been working on the same designs and variations for so long they begin to look old and boring to me. I know they are not from all the great feedback I get, it's just my muse's need to move to the next things so quickly.

So...for those of you waiting for me to release the first volume of my book...have patience....if I was going through a real publisher you'd have to wait a year :)

On a positive note I am, apparently, the first to blog about the Artbeads Vintage project...YAY!  Do I win something?  Lol!


  1. This post made me laugh out loud! I'm still working on my own book, and it's now in its third version. I'm definitely going the eBook route, though, selling it through my Etsy and/or ArtFire stores, with the possibility of a print on demand option. My sister has self-published her volumes of fiction and poetry for years, but I guess it's a little different with us crafter-writers: a lot more technical stuff to take into consideration. Keep at it, Mikki - I can't wait to see your book!

  2. I swear Jen....CD has the right idea....publish 'volume' patterns. Much easier, less stressful and the wait isn't so long. I may take CD's excellent advice and go the 'volume' pattern route :/

  3. Okay I don't understand all that you are going through but I have the date plastered on the refrigerator and will go on a stricter bead diet to insure I get it as soon as it is released. I think the CD is a great idea as long as it lets my computer print when I want it to. I know in the end you will feel so proud so stick it out just a bit longer K?

  4. I used "Blurb" when I did mine. A little pricey, but if you wanted to order some copies of your own, you could recoup that cost with resale on your own site. I have a copy of mine on display and for sale at the art gallery along with my jewelry.
    Not sure what your needs are bookwise - but check out Blurb if you care to -
    Peaceful beading,
    Sheryl Stephens
    Cool Moon Creations

  5. Hey Mikki!

    I thought I'd give you the option I might want to take when I eventually start writing. My photography instructor, as part of a month long trip to London, required us to assemble a Blurb book at the end of the course. I'm going to use the same concept to create a beading book someday soon. I thought I'd share the info with you to reduce your stress. :-) Here is the link to the website:

    And the link to the project I did:

    As far as I can tell, Blurb allows you to create your digital book and set the amount of profit you would like to receive. They take a base fee out of the price depending on size of book and type of paper. I hope this helps and gives you new ideas. I've also heard of similar sites, but don't know what they are.

    Good luck!

    Tamara Allison


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