Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Designs Revisited & What Made Me Pout

First off, the designs revisited.
Below are what I call my "Gutter Bracelets" and what I advertise as "Cradled Pearls"....ahh, what's in a name? But we'll get to that.
I've never actually taught the Gutter bracelets, they were originally designed for a workshop that never happened.  But I like the design so I thought I'd revitalize it by making it into a bangle and then creating a sister bangle to round out a workshop....who knows maybe there will be three variations.

Naming projects can be easy, challenging or just plain impossible.
Like the "Gutter Bracelet", which I admit isn't the prettiest of names, hence "Cradled Pearls" which is much more appealing...and I'm sure there will be a new name when they become a bangle class.
Sometimes though I like the names I choose and apparently get very
attached to them as I discovered yesterday.
As my followers and friends know these are my Urchin Wing bracelets and the pattern for these will be a project in the Dec/Jan issue of Beadwork magazine.
However, I learned yesterday that they will have a new name, Farfalle.

I get it, the shape is like farfalle or bow tie pasta and if Urchin Wings is too dark for the magazine, I guess I understand. But that being said having a piece of jewelry named after pasta.....hmmmm.....
One bows to the powers that be and for a year it shall be named "Farfalle", but to me and after a year it will always be "Urchin Wings"...ok, so after a year it will be "Urchin Wings AKA Farfalle".

I am told by Bead Goddess, Marcia, that it's happened to her and the best thing to do is to have a good laugh about it and change the name back after the contract is up. So, the jokes are already popping into my head....stitch it too tight and it's "al dente", too loose and it's a "limp noodle".
I may still pout a little about someone I don't know renaming my baby but I've accepted it.

I will say that the thing that surprised me the most was that they felt the name had a "dark feel" to it.  I'm not saying it doesn't, anyone who knows me knows my style is a bit Gothic but with the popularity of Steampunk which is decidedly dark I wouldn't have thought it was an issue.
Sometimes one is just surprised!

Anyway, it'll be out in December for all those of you who have contacted me about this pattern and are chomping at the bit to make your own.


  1. Farfalle also means "Butterfly" in Italian. And it DOES look like a butterfly! :)

  2. Yes, that was also mentioned, but all the non-Italian speaking people will think pasta ... like I say, I'm fine with it but it will revert after the contract is up.

  3. Naming a piece of art that you have created is, I believe, a very personal thing and I'm appalled that a totally uninvolved entity thinks they have a right to make this change without at least consulting with you first. What an odd sort of arrogance and without collaboration, is an insult to the artist.

  4. Whoa, Suz! I agree with the consultation thing, it would be nice, but I think we do have to make some sacrifices when it comes to being published, I do see their point of view.
    I think it does make me consider that anything I submit in the future will be things I'm not so attached to. As you know Urchin Wings is my baby and something I'm very proud of, so it did sting.

  5. ok, now...I get it...I have to say I liked your name better...but 'the powers that be' do have the control at the moment unfortunately..You thought long and hard for a name to begin with so that it matches your piece. That is daunting to begin with...so I can see why you would take it personally, I would too. Your design, your hard work, your everything and somebody who knows nothing of that names it...just irritating.

  6. I would be steamed too. It's your design, your baby, hence should be named by YOU! & for the record, I like your name better too!

    In any event, congrats on the article!

  7. Congrats on the article! I like the original name, too...But I've heard Marcia's stories about names being changed so would not be surprised that they might want to change it to make it a more "palatable" name...But, I love that you're mind has already started having a little fun with it..."al dente" :o) "limp noodles" :o) I actually know someone who ends up with "al dente" beadwork every time she makes something....

  8. It's interesting to read all your input. Thanks. I'm cool with it now....my kits will just have an AKA on them :)
    I do think it's interesting that artists aren't consulted and that has happened to me with galleries which is much worse. When they decide to drop your price or put your things on sale without consulting you...now THAT's something to get angry about! Playing with names....not a biggie in the big picture.
    Katie...I'm a bit of an al dente beader myself :) And Miss Suz can out-al dente me :)

  9. Congratulations on being published again!

    I am surprised to learn that you weren't consulted on the name change... I would have thought that was required but clearly not.

    I am still trying to figure what is ''dark'' about Urchin Wings... sea urchins aren't dark and gothic.

    Anyway if it's any consolation I do like your name better but in the mean time I promise I will not think of spaghetti or bolognese sauce when I see your piece... PROMISE!!!



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