Friday, September 10, 2010

How a Beader Packs For Vacation


It's a week away and Mom keeps asking if I know what clothes I'm taking.
I need clothes?
I figure I'll take whatever is clean and closest to my suitcase....because
the beads are more important!!

I'll be packing the components and CDs for the Gideon's Wheel and Dots'n'Dashes kits so I can get any other supplies I need from the bead show and mail them out if needs be.
Did y'all know they are both listed in my Etsy store now?
I'll be listing the military pin version soon....cos it's perfect for the military look destined to be popular this fall season.

Of course I'll also need to figure out what I'll want to make while I'm away....maybe I should save the Onyx Gideon's Wheel for the trip.

A week to go and lots to do but I sure am looking forward to being in California again...if only for a few days.


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