Friday, September 24, 2010

Fly Links?

Get your swatters out!
So, as some of you have seen on Facebook I finished the challenge I got myself!
With the arrival of Miyuki's new Tila beads Perry at Yorkbeads posed the question as to whether the 2-holed Tilas would work with their 2-holed daggers. I was a smart Alec (you're shocked, right?) and suggested that he send me some so I could test them out.  Perry e-mailed me almost immediately and said he would send me some...WOW!
 True to his word they were in my mail when I got back from vacation and yesterday afternoon I sat and played with them.

I came up with this adaptation of right angle weave that I'm calling 'fly links' for obvious reasons.  It's a very quick stitch and I was surprised at how striking it is...the spotted daggers make for a fabulous edging.
And yes, the 2 holes of the daggers and the Tila beads match up perfectly.
I'm not a stringer but these two beads will string extremely well giving some delightful curves to your work...I'm going to try and put something together later today to show you what I mean.

I am definitely feeling revitalized after my trip.....I got to see the light at the end of the tunnel and am feeling reassured that I'm on the right track in my life...finally!
Lots to do but I confess I'm not looking too far ahead right now, taking it a day at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. I am taking the time to bead and plan on doing so through the weekend as I didn't bead for a solid week because of the trip.  So look for new items cropping up on FB :)


  1. I love this --- I've had my eyes on those spotty daggers for some time now. I love the effect you have created with them. Gorgeous as always!



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