Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Business Disrespected Part 2

After all the comments and discussion about home businesses not being respected yesterday it makes me think we need a rally or something to get the message out.
More and more people work from home thesedays, with the economy as it is many of us have had to turn to making our own jobs. We are the new wave of industry! We are going back to grassroots and creating something, marketing and selling it with the help of the Internet. What's really happening, IMO, is a modern day mom & pop business....usually without the pop.
We're growing our own jobs instead of out sourcing and more and more people are recognising this and want to support us by buying handmade.

It's a crying shame that those around us, our friends and family don't get it.

I was heartened when I found which is a company in Fresno who have set up small business parks where you can rent an office equipped with wi-fi, utilities and maintenance included at a price reasonable enough for those of us who are over spilling our home offices or living room or just need some peace to work.  Having an office or studio outside the home instantly makes people sit up and take notice. You might want to do a search in your area for small offfice parks.

I've researched articles about home businesses and this one addresses the top ten problems for a home business...a lot of what we've talked about.
and this one tells us what to do about those ten problems

Other news....Beadwork re-named my bracelet, they decided on "Gothic Butterfly"...YAY!  How great that even though I had accepted "Farfalle" they continued to work on it to come up with a good compromise.
It's really good to know that a large magazine such as Beadwork still is willing to work with we fussy artists and my thanks go our to Melinda and Allison.

My little Gothic self worked last night on the Black Onyx version of Gideon's Wheel and I have to say I'm loving it.

Happy Project Runway Day everyone:)


  1. Yay! I'm glad that you guys reached a good compromise on the name of your piece! Even though you'd come to terms with it, it wasn't the name you wanted...And I'm glad they heard you and helped you out :o)

    And I appreciate all of you folks who get to work from home! I'm in my little cube farm right now wishing I were home in my PJs...


  2. Wow, I am amazed that they renamed your piece again...I like the name this time much better and good for them for working with you.. ;o)

  3. Well done on the name change... I am so happy for you - that must make you feel much better inside!

    You think you will still remember this piece as "Urchin Wings Farfalle Gothic Butterfly"? Bit of a mouthful!


  4. It will always be Urchin Wings to me.
    But I'm happy with the compromise.

  5. I'm just catching up on these two entries now. My heart goes out to those of you with significant others and kids, relatives etc. who impinge on your work time.

    I'm single and don't have those particular distractions. I also have the advantage of having become ruthless about phone calls - which are my biggest distraction. I have several friends who LOVE to talk on the phone. And Yahoo - Linda is retired, so she should have HOURS to waste now. Not hardly. Unless someone calls when their hair is on fire - I return calls roughly once or twice a week. With email, I sit down once a day, early in the morning. Facebook (which is networking as well as social)I visit a few times a day and try to keep up with friends and new work from others.
    One thing that greatly helps is being able to have a studio. With me - being in the studio signals it's work time. I try NOT to drag work out in front of the TV because then I feel like I have no place to relax and no separation between work and "home"...
    Keep up the good fight, Mikki - until you get your away-studio. And everyone else - very best wishes for you to become as ruthless as you need to be.
    BTW - Excellent links, too, Mik.


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