Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday

The start of a new week and always lots to do.
I'm hoping beads get here today....the last few that I need to be able to pack up the Gideon's Wheel and Dots'n'Dashes kits that are ordered...but I figure it's more likely to be Wednesday.

I need to finish up the DnD pattern and start working on the Wicked Weave II pattern, though somehow I managed to get Wicked Weave I done already...well, except for the clasp.

I am thinking about adding a crystal version of Wicked Weave, the two kits that are in production right now are gemstone based, turquoise howlite and unakite. I'm toying with the idea of Siam and Topaz, of course it does put the price of the kits up.  The original version of Wicked Weave II (black and silver above) was done with all Swarovski and I may offer that colorway too....IF I can get hold of PF silver Tohos which sell out so damn quickly from the wholesaler.

On Saturday night I did manage to finally get the base of the armature piece fully I just have to add all the top embellishments which means more bezels and lots of netting.

I think I need to put my big white board back up so I can put my to do list on it....always help to see things being checked off :)


  1. I thought I was leaving my day book behind when I left the job - but now I REALLY need it. If I don't keep a list, to-do's slide into a black hole in my memory.Go for the big white board. And while you're at it, buy some gold stars to stick on it as you accomplish things!


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