Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 300 Milestone

Back in the days when I started this blog I never imagined anyone would actually read it let alone follow it and yet here I am having hit the 300 followers milestone.  WOW!

Time for a giveaway methinks :)
You have to be a follower of my blog to play and I'm still working out the details but consensus is that the prize should be winner's choice of finished jewelry or a gift certificate.  So in the next few days I'll be routing through my finished stash to find suitable pieces that I'm willing to part with :) Stay tuned!

Last night I realized I was already falling behind with my weekly workload....yeah, on Monday night...not good.  I blame the cold weather, it makes me stay in bed later....I have heavy blackout curtains in the winter so I have no clue how late it is and even when I do wake up it's too dang cold to get out of my nice warm bed.   One of the pitfalls of working for yourself is there's no timeclock to punch.

Yesterday I did finish all the illustrations for the Finger Armor and just have the words to write now (not a small task).  I did this a little differently I illustrated a section at a time and tested it by working from it.  Below is the test ring which at this point just needs it's hinges strengthening and thread worked in.

The thing I was most concerned with about this pattern is fitting/sizing. I've made enough of these to be pretty confident about sizing them but getting all that info to you...well, that's the thing.   The tendency is to make your actual ring size and that ends up being too small.  You kind of have to make this to fit your index finger if you want to wear it on your ring finger.....just the nature of the beast.  I will have a whole page devoted to sizing.
Anyway...the tutorial will be in my store Friday.

The beading part I am behind with is the black tweaked version of my Cufflette.  I'm going to try it with a different bead too...not sure it will work in practice but it makes a lot of sense in theory.  So, I did get the beads onto my bead board last night and by the time I go to bed tonight I plan to have the cuff part done ready to start the lacy part.


  1. Fantastic ring, lovely beadwork.
    Greetings Manouscha

  2. absolutely love the cufflette, Mikki. wonderful design. the front part of it looks like lace, which of course is what you intended.
    the ring is fascinating. I like the extra beading around the cab. you are right about sizing, too. I've made a lot of rings that I've wound up wearing on my pinkie finger because my careful measurements just didn't work. thanks for any help you can provide in your instructions.
    Mary Alexander

  3. Wow Mikki, you and Morganna are on a roll these days! Doesn't it feel so amazing to get so much done?! I have been beading around the clock this month and I impressed myself with how much I actually accomplished!

    I am in love with that lacy cuff! Can't wait to see that one done in black....and the tutorial in your shop! There are already a few things in there that I am waiting to purchase (winter season is slow season)...but I am hoping to shop again very soon!

    And this giveaway looks like it will be alot of fun...I look forward to seeing what you pull out of your stash of finished work!

  4. Both the ring and the cufflet are gorgeous! I always look forward to what you come up with next!

  5. I absolutely love that kind of rings and can't wait to see the tut!

  6. AWESOME can I bookmark your blog in my bookmark section....
    Carpet Recycling

  7. Una maravilla, precioso trabajo.....

  8. You have inspired me to make a ring, just waiting for you to put the instructions up for sale :-)
    I love the cufflet too, can't wait to see it in black.

  9. Thanks everyone :)
    I finished the Finger Armor tutorial last night....just need to do the cover. Lots of info on sizing :) Will read through again today to see if I missed anything.
    Bookmark away :)
    Started the cufflette in black last night, got half the band done and I was drooling....I LOVE it in black :)

  10. You are on a roll! That ring is outstanding!


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