Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Sparkling Brand New Year!'s here, it's finally here. I've been waiting for 2012 for over 30 years ever since learning about the Mayans and their incredible predictions.
I guess how you feel about the prediction says what kind of person you are....optimistic or pessimistic, whether you have any hope left.
I definitely fall into the optimistic group because I feel December 21st, 2012 will bring about a positive change. I'd like to think it would be a great big dose of common sense, compassion and understanding released into the world-wide water system.  My money (hope) is on solar flares taking out all wireless!  It would totally mess things up, satellite TV ...gone, cell phones....gone (who you gonna text?), and a myriad of things we have become  so used to using. We'd actually have to speak to each other again....the new neurosis of face to face contact would keep the shrinks busy :)

I doubt it would last too long....maybe a year? But it might give people time to think and reevaluate.  

I'm reading a book right now called "Alice in Darkland" and it's very relevant, I feel. Yes, a take on Alice in Wonderland but with Alice as a gun wielding freedom fighter trying to get the truth out about politicians and the rich getting together to 'thin' the population and bring back slave camps. Yup....the 1% enslaving the 99%....this time by turning people into zombies so it's easy to understand the need for the genocide and make the remaining humans 'pliable'.  Of course if you're rich enough, or connected enough there's a vaccination.

The Queen in this is one of the biologists who helped create the vaccine but took it after she had been bitten by a zombie so is half human/half zombie....which I can't help picturing our English Queen in the role as she shows no emotion and has dead eyes :)  The White Rabbit and Mad Hatter are zombies of course.
I'm about half way through the book and it's the perfect thing to read as we enter the year of! Of course, only if your dark side is out of the closet :)

My advice for the year.....have a cable connection, a landline, get out and talk to people face to face and load up your Kindle to capacity now  :)  And I'm only half joking!

Happy Armageddon!

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