Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Putting Your Eggs in More Than One Basket

Oh my Lord! What is she on about now?

I could have said "where there's a will, there's a way"
As those of you who know me on Facebook already know I took the components of the Finger Armor and created a bracelet :)

I'll just have to do a couple of new illustrations for it, nothing major.
It  has all the techniques I wanted to teach with the Finger Armor and I'm including the single ring tutorial too :)

So...the winners of all this craziness are my followers and customers because not only do you get a bracelet tut and the ring...I've decided I want to share this so much I'm listing the commercial edition at a mere $15
I had planned on the Finger Armor alone being $25
So...check my store Friday :)

One thing I do need help with....a name!
I've been calling it the Bracelet Born of Ring but I'd love to hear your suggestions.

I'm working hard to get my Angel Bows necklace out on Friday too....the tutorial is written and I have just two more links to make on the silver version but I am also making a gold version....as the Elegant Elements clasp comes in both colors and Steven Weiss of the Beadsmith was kind enough to send me the gold one :)

I haven't forgotten the contest....just with all this baloney to deal with I'm behind on it.   I'm going to schedule it for this Sunday so check back on Sunday to see what you  can win and how you can enter :)

I hope everyone has a great day and thank you all so much for the support over the last few days...it means a LOT!


  1. These are GEORGEOUS!! Glad you woke up today! It is a blessing to all of us to have you!


  2. They're great! I love them - the cab colors make me think of eggs...so the only bracelet name I could think of off the top of my head is Sunny Side Up or Sunny Side or something like that...which kinda works because it was making something good out of a bad situation...

    Oh! You could name it Lemonade (life gave you lemons...)

  3. It's a "beautiful bracelet"!!!!!!!!! I love it!!

  4. Hi Mikki, sorry i'm not good at finding names ... but I love the way you responded :o) elegantly and smartly !
    Kind regards and all the best

  5. Mikki, I am so proud of you. Anyone else would be defeated or bitter, but you .. you make lemonade! Like, Katie, my first thought on your bracelet was "sunny side up." I also like "grace under fire," just because that is what you have demonstrated.

  6. Beautiful adaptation Mikki.
    As for a name? How about Tenacity, or Perseverance?

  7. That's a lovely bracelet Mikki. I admire your ability to make lemonade out of such a lemony situation.

  8. Nice!! Glad you took the high road and stayed positive about it..You made that sweet lemonade... as for a name..how about Phoenix Armor...? I don't know..something along those lines or rebirth.. Anxious for Friday now ;o)

  9. So many good suggestions already & my brain is mush so no help there. Just wanted to say that you have really risen above. I'm so proud of you!

  10. Espectacular.....Bellisimo.....

  11. Thanks everyone :) The health scare I had a few months ago has led to me just not letting this type of crap get to me. I do believe in creative freedom though....and I strongly feel that the claim by this one person that no one can make a full finger coverage beaded ring but her needs to be settled. No one can make that claim, no one cab get a blanket patent like that, no one can take away my or your creative rights like that. So expect to see more original ring-type things from me and I'm thinking about hosting a "Joint & Hinge" contest. As joints and hinges have been used in jewelry throughout time it's no surprise they have been showing up in beaded jewelry. A contest to explore beaded versions seems like a good challenge to me :) So...stay tuned.


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