Friday, January 6, 2012

Opening a Design Door

So, the piece I was struggling with a couple of months ago when my brain was not cooperating is finally finished.  Well...the prototype is, this will need some tweaking but I'm happy with how it turned out overall.
I love lace, love wearing it, love making it....and I've really wanted to capture the beauty of crocheted lace in beads ever since I discovered bead weaving.
So this is my first piece....a bead lace version of my crocheted lace Cufflette.

Here are the two cufflettes together

It was an interesting project one where I realised my brain needed to be in bead mode for the cuff part and crochet mode for the lace part.
I get it now :)
And it opens the door to so many possibilities my muse is jumping up and down screaming in excitement with "what if"s.  Which actually can be quite annoying when you already have a full schedule.

I have started day 1 of seriously packing up the house, a slow start but I plan on getting a lot done before Monday.   I still have to bead because, well....there are beads and there are ideas....and I need an income.
Bead & Button contacted me a bit back asking if I would like to submit a couple of projects and the fixings for one of them have been sitting on my bead board for at least a month and I am hoping to get that one beaded this weekend.  It's a's reversible,  uses filigree, and one of those big rubber disc beads....and that's as much as I can's also as much as I know right now :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow, it's amazing idea!! Wonderful bracelets!!

  2. I'm absolutly in love with this beaded crochet lace cuff. You and your muse are genius at creating new and remarkable beading designs!

  3. what a brilliant design! I love the crocheted lace look. In beads, it's just a bonus!

  4. Absolutely ingenious Mikki!! You are,without a doubt, one of the most innovative designers out there.


  5. I have been thinking about beaded lace for quite a while. My idea is to use long strands of cubic RAW and shape from there.

  6. beautifully done, I love how lacy it looks, soft and delicate and in beads!

  7. Thanks everyone. I like the fine threads when I crochet....since I did that cufflette my thread has got way thinner and it's the delicacy of lace that I really like so it was important to capture that with the beads. And 15/0s go a long way :)

  8. Mikki, your work just blows me away. The lace effect is just amazing.


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