Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ok... I've only had a couple of sips of my morning latte so the naming ideas for these earrings may be changed once the caffeine kicks in and I fully wake up.  These are the bead caps based on my Urchin Wings component using my own technique which translated incredibly well, if I do say so myself.  I'm toying with the idea of calling this set of earrings "Captivated" I think due to the bead caps and the hypnotic spirals on my polymer beads or it could be just that I haven't woken up yet.....what do you think?

I think these black bead caps have a pagoda feel to them and I am dying to find some red cinnabar beads to go with them....they take a 16mm bead, which is huge by my seed beading standards.  The caps actually look great with pearls but Swarovski's largest is only 14mm...I have some on order so we'll see how they work as the bead cap is sizedd down about as far as it will go without changing the shape.

Yesterday was very productive even if I didn't get everything on my list crossed off.  I got into problems with a peyote bead bracelet wasn't doing what I wanted it to.  I staged up to a larger bead which then did do what I wanted but I didn't like the look of it as much.  So that one is back to the drawing board....destined, I think, to end up with a new shape and probably becoming reversible.
I then started playing and came up with a rather cool looking curved peyote bead.....I doubt it's anything new, hard to come up with new things in beading particularly when it's rather simple.  Anyway, it has sparked a myriad of design possibilities and is a great component to add to my repertoire.  In fact, just in writing about it makes my brain become a merry-go-round of designs incorporating it.

Today is a class day so I tend to take it easy. I just have to label the kits and print out the instructions and attempt to make myself look decent.  The problem with working at home is it's so very easy to work in PJs and it makes me lazy.  I miss living in California and getting dressed up for fun parties, gallery openings and fund raisers but there's just nothing here I want to go to, the last event I went to the first question I was asked was where I lived and apparently it wasn't the right side of the tracks as it was pretty much the last question too.  Funny thing is I live on a golf course which is usually good!  Why did I leave England?  Oh yeah, to get away from the oppressive class system.

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