Monday, May 3, 2010

Sisterhood of the Travelling Beads

They're here!

The huge stash of beads from Heather Powers arrived today.
A box full of wonderful little goodies including lots of Heather's own Humblebeads.
I chose a few items, some yummy khaki Delicas, a few copper face beads, three Humblebeads, a few seed beads, a few fire-polished and some findings.

I got carried away in the replacement part as you can see.

I added three of my beaded beads, a few of my own polymer clay art beads including a heart pendant set, some Delicas, some Maco tubes (tiny bugle beads), seed beads, Czech pressed beads, Indian beads, metal pendants, and some gemstone beads (Chinese Jade, Russian Serpentine and Green Agate).

Of course the ladies of my bead society are next and we'll be drawing numbers to see who gets to go first, second, etc....ladies wrestling over beads ain't pretty!

Once they have had their turn and I get all the new stash photographed I'll be running the Sisterhood competition here and you'll get your chance at the stash.
Stay tuned.


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