Sunday, May 9, 2010

S'Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's Day.
It's a day to celebrate mothers....whether it's to celebrate a wonderful one or celebrate surviving a less than wonderful one.  So....give a gift or buy yourself one! And that's all I shall say on the subject!

I had a great day yesterday I spent a large chunk of it over at my local bead store, Wildfire Beads, hanging out with owner Lora. There's been a lot of road work around the store for the past few weeks and business has been slow but apparently everyone followed me there because she had a very busy day. YAY!
Lora was very happy with her new seed bead wall and so was I, finally we can buy 8/0s and 15/0s locally, not to mention a good selection of everything else.  It's not a huge selection but it takes time not to mention large chunks of money to build up your stock, and Lora is smart enough not to rush into huge amounts of debt in this economy.

I did meet the gal who makes the cabochons for the store and finally found out what my green mystery stone is....Varisite!   Mae of Benson's Lapidary and Jewelry Design actually ran home and brought in the slab my stone was cut from along with a whole box of gorgeous cabs.  Yeah, there were a couple I couldn't resist. One is a piece of fossilized limb where the skin is still visible....looks like a lizard.  Ok....some might find that a little creepy but it's such a pretty stone with amazing depth. It's probably going to end up in something I make for myself. I tried photographing it but it's a really tough one to capture.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day one way or another.


  1. Hi Mikki, it was really fun seeing your beautiful beaded jewelry yesterday and thank-you for the post regarding the origination of the Verisite stone. I would like to add that it really isn't me that is the lapidary artist but husband, Larry. It seems that he has cut into any stone that falls into his hands just to see what's inside. Thanks for the great blog. Mae Benson

  2. Hi Mae. I loved seeing all the stones yesterday and I guess we'll give Larry the kudos. Hopefully you guys will look into an Etsy store so more bead artists can have access to your work.

  3. Gorgeous pendant Mikki and what a gorgeous cab too.

    The fossilized limb sounds "very" interesting. I hope you can manage to get a decent picture of it as I am intrigued to see what it looks like.



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