Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mikki, where art thou?

I'm still here....just fighting my way to the top of the never ending, ever growing to do list. Have I been beading....yes I have and here's the proof.

I'm on a flatwork kick. After making the Rio Grande cuff (far left) I designed a Jacobean floral (the black and white) which will be a class in June and then it really took a hold of me.  I decided on a collection (or two) of flatwork cuffs....if the spotted one with the back and white border looks familiar to you then you probably know Donna Kato's polymer beads as I took that design from one of her beads on the cover of her book "The Art of Polymer Clay, Millefiori Techniques". The book was sitting in my bookstand staring at me and I couldn't resist turning a bead into a cuff after all that's how the flatwork got started when I turned my Rio Grande beads into a cuff.

I love flatwork and I think every woman should have a flatwork bracelet (or six) in her jewelry box as they are easy and comfortable to wear, often striking and move easily from day to night wear.

Anyway, my studio is full of graph paper with charts for cuffs based on Chinese paintings and symbols, Egyptian tomb drawings, traditional fabrics and tapestries, famous paintings and I haven't even started on Celtic knotwork yet (something that showed up in my quilts when I was doing that).
Some of the charts have made it to the computerized version and will be appearing in one of my online stores in PDF format as soon as each sample is made.

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