Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Between Naps

Yesterday saw me recovering from a bad migraine so lots of naps but in between the naps I did manage to bead a Carol Dean Sharpe design I purchased from her Etsy store, Sandfibers.  This is her Cactus Blossoms design done in my colorway...which Carol noted was Christmas colors, lol, I never saw that.  Anyway, Carol's work was one of the things that inspired me to take up beadweaving and she has to be THE guru on flatwork designs.  This one made up very quickly as it's a symmetrical and mirrored design....meaning once you have a quarter of the pattern learned you can rock it out, in fact I just printed page five (the first pattern repeat) and that gave me all the info I needed (though there are another ten pages if you need them including a word chart).

It was actually a nice break to make up someone else's design....not to have to think about teaching it or transferring it into a saleable pattern....just a nice relaxing busman's holiday. Plus something I get to keep for myself as being in business it's hard to keep something you make when the sale of it could pay a bill or two.  So, thanks Carol, for the design and the inspiration.

Today sees me feeling a little delicate but migraine free so a nice easy day is planned before tackling the project of getting my car fixed tomorrow.


  1. Carol is my peyote cuff guru too. I can't believe how prolific she is...and I get some great color ideas from her work. Not to mention advice on Delicas. I love your "busman's holiday" cuff. I've taken a few days of vacation and used some of the time to make more Russian leaf earrings. Why? 'Cause I felt like it. I almost never get to do that, so I empathize. Do hope you remain migraine free for a long time, Mikki.

  2. Taking a break is beneficial for us all I think...though I seem to only do it when I get ill. My body is telling me it's time I guess. But I'm a workaholic, what ya gonna do? I did manage it around Costco this morning but now I need a nap....that migraine is just threatening to come back.

  3. I wonder how many great designs remain in the inspiration phase because they are not easy enough to teach to many, or not outrageous enough to make competition pieces. I feel very lucky to be able to just experiment with what I feel warrants exploration.


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