Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Things You Find

The studio got cleaned and reorganized on Friday, papers filed, beads tubed, sorted and packed away. Amongst the rubble I came across a few neatly packed UFOs. So my project for yesterday was to finish two of them.
The first is a necklace with some of my beaded beads....three grey, hematite and amethyst fat rondelles with four of my skinny disc beads and two bicones.  It's simple, a little bit sparkly, good to wear day or night.

The second piece was the mystery stone....still not sure quite what it is.
This had been held up because I needed just the right beads to match it and that meant a trip to Vegas. 
Simple, elegant and this shade of green is gorgeous. Though I've made lots of earrings before this is my first pair of stud earrings.  I did think I might have to glue the posts in....I hate using glue....but I didn't, the sterling posts are very securely beaded in.

I worked on another piece too and it grew a few inches, maybe it will be finished today.  I have a few more little packages of forgotten work and it's actually kind of fun to be able to see them with fresh eyes and then finish them so quickly.


  1. The mystery stone necklace turned out really nice and the earrings are perfect. Still don't know what the stone is? The other necklace is really pretty also, love the texture. CJ

  2. aaaah yes a good studio cleaning and a good finishing up, both good for the soul. Looks like it was positive for you on all counts.

  3. Thanks. Yes....a positive outcome from a negative start. I was trying to find some beads I got in for a kit and could remember putting them in a safe place....trick was finding the safe place. After cleaning and organizing, the beads were still AWOL because they were sitting all nice and safe on a tray outside my studio area.

  4. What a nice feeling to finish some UFO's! I love both pieces but I especially love the mystery stone piece. I have just made a heap of peyote beads like you have used and I particularly like how you have attached the pendant to the necklace. Gorgeous!


  5. Thanks Karyn. I love making the little peyote tube beads but frequently don't know what to do with them....this time I had a plan.


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