Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of Those Days!

Yesterday was definitely a day I do not wish to repeat.
It started with being awoken by my mother banging on my door, apparently she had not slept well and when that happens she basically wants me to be awake too.  When asked she said she didn't want me to be late for my meeting.....um....what meeting?
So....I get my coffee and start my day.  The bead society has a group order in process and I have checks to pick up...so I get into my car to run these errands and a bunch more and no luck....my battery is dead.  A couple of days ago I had put my MP3 player so I had all my music with me and I'd forgotten to unplug it.  Who knew that little thing could flatten a battery?
Ok...I've jumpstarted many a car in my life so ...no biggie.
I get my moms car and hook up the jumper cables...as I attach the last connection to my car the alarm goes off and does not stop!  The remote doesn't stop it, putting my keys into the ignition and turning the car on doesn't and of course on top of the alarm screaming at me so is my mother.
She's decided to call my brother for his help.  Perfect, he's 300 miles away and knows nothing about cars other than how to fill the gas.
She's also determined to get any male neighbor over to help.  I hate playing the helpless female because I'm not and I'm trying to read the car manual and think about how to fix the problem but it's not easy when you have a crazy woman handing you a phone, talking at you and waving for neighbors. 
Something I know about myself....I'm great in a crisis...seriously, I keep a level head and go straight into problem solving and still have lots of compassion if it's needed.
Something I know about my mother....in a crisis you want her as far away as you can get her because no matter how bad the situation is she will make it worse.
I'm always reminded of that scene in the movie Roxanne where there's a fire in the trash can at the fire station and Steve Martin does his rant which includes "if there's a real fire we don't want people saying whatever you do DON'T call the fire dept".  When my brother and I were kids if we ever scraped a knee or cut ourselves she would turn away and say "Don't show me"...it definitely makes you self sufficient.

Anyway...I gave up with the car and call roadside assistance. They come out, jump start the car....with the screaming alarm (which my mother doesn't say a word about)....the screaming stops after the car has been charging for 15 seconds.
And then it was time for lunch.
The day got a little better but the bead order got postponed a week and then we put a small order of emergency items together to tide us over.  I did manage to finish the paisley cuff because my order came in from Artbeads...superquick this time...yay!   I didn't get much from my daily to do list done, the whole morning debacle had stressed me out no end and working out the bead orders took way too much time.

Today is a new day though.  So, I'm going to approach it with a positive attitude and attack that ever growing to do list thankful I had a productive weekend and that I have so much hair you can't even tell how much I pulled out yesterday.


  1. This post made me "lol" literally. Not that is sounded fun in any way but you wrote it very humorously! It sounds like a scene from a sitcom :) Seriously though...I am sorry...that really sucks. I hope today makes up for yesterday! And props to you for being patient with your mom. I would have been tempted to throw cold water on her!

  2. Thanks Kate. I hoped people would see the funny side of it....though I tend to see my life done in animation rather than sitcom. As for patience...I'm up for sainthood:)


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