Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last One Off the Bead Board

So...if you've been following you know I've been trying to clear a few of 2011's UFOs and last night I finished the last one I planned to complete before the year fades out.

So the second version of the Embellished Corrugated Peyote Bangle is done. This one uses bugles and the new Twin beads....which as luck would have it were released just as I was thinking "gee, I could use a two hole bead for this bangle" . Sometimes things just work out right :)

I managed to get four pages of illustrated tutorial done yesterday, then I was feeling so proud of myself I had a glass of wine with dinner, not thinking it would make sitting at the computor and doing the last two illustrations impossible. But it did so I didn't finish.   I should get it completed and published today though and that's before the end of the year so it's good :)

I had hope to pattern up the bangle too before we turned all 2012 but as I was doing the second version I realised it was going to be a bit more involved than I thought....gee, really Mikki....two designs in one pattern is more work? I bite off more than I can chew at times....the problems of an over-achiever!


  1. It looks fantastic. The colour are a dream.

    Greats Jacky

  2. I do love these both. I was excited about the release of the new Twin beads, which look more interesting to me than the Tilas, and this looks like a great project to use them in.

  3. Mikki I am really loving this corrugated Peyote thing you're doing! You've made it both edgy and beautiful, punk rock and girly all at the same time!

    Most of my friends are pretty serious about their bikes and I love that this stitch creates a chain that resembles a bicycle chain...they are really liking it too!

    Looking forward to all the new tutorials!

    Happy New Year!


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